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Will any brand chain fit my chainsaw?

Will any brand chain fit my chainsaw?

No, chainsaw blades are not universal, not every bar and chain will fit on your machine. Chainsaw chains need to have the correct specification to fit on your bar. If you have a chain that is too long or too narrow it will not fit. Mixing brands of chains is no problem as long as they are compatible.

How are Oregon chainsaw chains measured?

OREGON® chain is made in several pitches – 1/4″, . 325″, 3/8″ & . 404″. To accurately measure this lay your chain out and using a rule, take the distance over 3 rivets in inches and divide this by 2.

Are Oregon chains better than Stihl?

Re: stihl vs oregon chain The Stihl is sharper out of the box and holds the edge longer compared to other chains. But, at 3x the price of the chain at Bailey’s it is not worth it for me, especially after 2-3 sharpenings.

What do numbers mean on chainsaw chain?

The numbers stamped on a chainsaw chain are an ID code used by the manufacturer to indicate the pitch and gauge measurements of the chain. Pitch and gauge are important dimensions which influence whether or not a chain is compatible with a chainsaw.

Are Oregon chainsaw chains any good?

As you would expect by now, Oregon makes a lot of replacement chain options for chainsaw models by Oregon as well as other brands. As for its gauge rating, it is a 0.043-inch gauge replacement chain. Since this chainsaw chain is made by Oregon, it offers a great build quality.

Can I put a 20 inch bar on a 16 inch chainsaw?

Generally speaking, the higher the power of a chainsaw, the longer the guide bar it can handle….Bar length based on chainsaw power.

Engine Type Power Rating Compatible Bars
Gas 25 – 35 CC 12 – 16 Inches
Gas 35 – 45 CC 12 – 18 Inches
Gas 45 – 60 CC 16 – 20 Inches

Will an Oregon chain fit a Homelite chainsaw?

The Oregon 91PX059G AdvanceCut™ Saw Chain is a low kickback, low-vibration chain that has 59 drive links. The Oregon 91PX059G chainsaw chain fits Shindaiwa 360 as well as several Homelite saws.

Do Oregon chains fit Stihl?

Low Profile Pitch Chainsaw Chain, 55 Drive Links. The Oregon R55 AdvanceCut Saw Chain is an ideal choice for landscapers and homeowners who use small, low powered saws to cut trees and limbs to maintain their properties. This 14″, 3/8″ pitch chain fits several Stihl saws including 017, 019, MS 170, 018 and MS 191T.

What’s the fastest cutting chainsaw chain?

The fastest type of chainsaw chain is the square, full-chisel chain made by Oregon. The Oregon Power Cut™ saw chains are low vibration, full chisel cutters. These chains fit bar lengths of 16 inches up to 36 inches.

What’s the difference between chainsaw chains?

Both styles of chain have fewer cutters than standard chain; semi skip chain has more cutters than full skip chain. With fewer cutters tearing through the wood, full-skip and semi-skip chain experience less drag and can cut quickly. They work well with low-power saws or saws with extremely long bars.

What is the most aggressive chainsaw chain?

A . 404″ chainsaw pitch is the most aggressive chainsaw chain pitch for professional arborists.

How big is the Oregon powercut saw chain?

Note: this bar is 3/8 inch, the OEM bar is not so you must also get the Oregon 20″ Pro-Lite Bar – 200SLHK095 for this to work. That said, I tried every other recommended and OEM replacement bar / chain I could find and none of them worked.

What kind of saw chain do loggers use?

The ultimate saw chain for loggers and skilled forest workers who use high performance saws. Full chisel cutters power through timber with speed, efficiency, and precision. PowerCut Saw Chain is available in low-vibration, full chisel and heavy-duty timber chain for larger saws. Reels are also available.

What makes 70 series saw chain so durable?

The long-lasting 70-series saw chain is designed for high performance, easy maintenance and loop consistency. The patented Chain Steel-OREGON OCS-01 steel provides greater durability, especially in cold cutting conditions. The offset depth guages reduce roughness and helps prevent the cutters from diving into the sidewall of the cut.

What makes Oregon chain saw chain cutters sharper?

Your chain stays sharper, longer. Oregon electroplates a layer of industrial hard chrome to all our saw chain cutters. Chrome delivers a harder surface and better wear resistance. So you spend more time cutting and less time filing or grinding the chain.