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Will a bad cp3 cause white smoke?

Will a bad cp3 cause white smoke?

3 footin’ through life. I’d start by trying to find out more details on the injectors. A white smoke/fuel situation should go away with a good set of new injectors if installed properly. No way the cp3 can cause white smoke.

What causes white smoke when starting a diesel engine?

According to Zack Ellison at Cummins, “White smoke is an indication of unburned diesel fuel. Normally, it would happen at startup in cold weather with lower compression engines and retarded timing. You get an incomplete combustion during startup and it causes raw diesel fuel to come out of the stack.”

Why is white smoke coming from my exhaust?

Many times, this thick smoke is due to the likes of a blown head gasket, damaged cylinder, or a cracked engine block, which is causing coolant to burn. Thick white exhaust smoke usually indicates a coolant leak, which could cause overheating and put your engine at a serious risk of damage.

How do I know if my FCA is bad?

A failing FCA in a pure stock engine will sometimes idle a little rough but that symptom can be erratic or random. In other words, it may occur or may not.

Does a CP3 pump need to be timed?

Unlike previous (pre-common-rail) injection pumps, it has fewer tasks to perform. The CP3 injection pump’s sole job is to create and regulate high-pressure fuel (it’s not timed with the engine’s crankshaft and camshaft).

How much does it cost to replace injectors on a LB7 Duramax?

How much does it cost to replace injectors on LB7? The total cost to have a mechanic replace 8 injectors on an LB7 Duramax can range from $4000 – $5000 CAD, depending on what other work is performed at the same time.

How do I know if my fuel sensor is bad?

Usually a bad or failing fuel rail sensor will produce a few symptoms that can alert the driver to a potential issue.

  1. Hard starting. One of the first symptoms of a potential problem with the fuel rail sensor is hard starting.
  2. Decrease in power, acceleration and fuel efficiency.
  3. Check Engine Light comes on.