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Why was 6teen Cancelled?

Why was 6teen Cancelled?

Censorship. Because 6teen was targeted towards a more mature audience (preteens and teenagers), certain episodes were considered too risque or inappropriate by the US channels Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. This led to 24 episodes being censored or removed in the United States.

What was the last episode of 6teen?

Bye Bye Nikki? Part 2
6teen/Final episode

What race is Caitlin from 6teen?

Her cell phone ring tone is set to an instrumental version of the Britney Spears single, “Oops I Did It Again”. Despite being Canadian, Caitlin speaks with a slight valley girl accent. She is of British descent.

How many episodes are in 6 teen?

6teen/Number of episodes

Will 6teen come back 2020?

The entire cast of 6Teen is back, but this time they’re 8Teen, and have a lot to say about the upcoming midterm elections. Registration starts everywhere today, so please sign up to vote at

Are 6teen and Total Drama same universe?

Main universe 6teen, Total Drama, Stoked, and The Ridonculous Race occur in one universe. While these are all one universe, they feature many alternate timelines, with every season of Total Drama being shown with one of two timelines.

What race is Jonesy?

Jonesy is half-Hispanic (from his dad’s side) and half-Filipino (from his mom’s side). Jonesy is the only central male character that does not have a tattoo somewhere.

Is 6teen and Total Drama same universe?

Is sixteen ever coming back?

The entire cast of 6Teen is back, but this time they’re 8Teen, and have a lot to say about the upcoming midterm elections.

Are Gwen and Ella Cousins?

Ella is the cousin of Gwen who first appears in Dissing Cousins.

Why is Chris not in Total DramaRama?

“You fed the merge contestants in “Pahkitew Island” expired Chuggy Chunks, which was expired meat and mayonaisse from almost 40 years ago,” Oliver explained. “Production cheaps out, so I had to give them Chuggy Chunks as their feast,” Chris had his ways.

Is peely Jonesy?

Season X. Jonesy witnessed the Zero Point’s expansion at Loot Lake. Near the end of Season X, Jonesy builds a new, robotic body for Peely (who is still a smoothie) known as P-1000.

How many episodes of the show 6teen are there?

Below is a list of episodes of 6teen. The series began airing on November 7, 2004 and concluded on February 11, 2010. It aired a total of 91 episodes, plus two specials, over the course of four seasons. ” It’s Always Courtney, Courtney, Courtney!

When was the first episode of enter the Dragon?

Enter the Dragon is the 22nd episode of the series and of the first season. It first aired on Teletoon in Canada on June 5, 2005, and remains unaired in the United States. The guys are excited to see the new movie Dragon Thunder, but the girls are acting very strangely.

How old are the main characters in 6teen?

Jen, Nikki, Jonesy, Jude, and Wyatt have all been friends since kindergarten. They all go to the mall to try to get jobs while on their holidays. They meet Caitlin, a 15-year-old spoiled girl (who goes to their high school) who finds out that she needs to get a job in order to pay back her father’s credit card bill.

Who is the voice actor for Jen from 6teen?

On May 16, 2018, Jen’s voice actor, Megan Fahlenbock, tweeted “One time 6teen reunion episode is coming stay tooned! #6teenforever.” Christian Potenza, Jude’s voice actor, later announced that a 6teen special reunion episode is currently in the works.