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Why is my washing machine not spinning properly?

Why is my washing machine not spinning properly?

One of the most common reasons why your washing machine has stopped spinning is when it can’t drain properly due to a blocked drain pump. This can happen when something gets stuck in the outlet pipe, preventing the steady flow of water in and out of the machine.

How do you fix a washer that won’t spin?

  1. Redistribute an off-balanced load of laundry.
  2. Level an off-kilter washer.
  3. Check the power source.
  4. Stop using an extension cord.
  5. Inspect the spin switch.
  6. Stick to high efficiency detergent with a front-load washer.
  7. Undo any kink in the hose.
  8. Track down a blockage in the drainage system.

Why are my clothes still wet after spinning?

The most likely culprit for a washer that spins but still turns out soaked clothing is a drain hose problem. Often with this issue, whatever is causing it to not drain during the spin cycle means the water isn’t draining off fast enough and is essentially flowing back into the washer drum, re-soaking your clothing.

Why won’t my GE washer drain and spin?

When a load is properly balanced but still won’t spin, there may be an issue that prevents the water from draining from the machine. Make sure the drain hose is properly connected and that there are no kinks or pinched areas. Your washer may not drain and enter the spin cycle if the pump filter is clogged.

How do you reset a GE washing machine?

Unplug the washer for one minute, then plug the washer back into the electrical outlet and lift and lower the lid six times within 12 seconds. This will reset the motor and you should be able to start the cycle.

How do you reset the spin cycle on a GE washing machine?

How do I troubleshoot my GE washer?

How to Troubleshoot a GE Top Load Washer

  1. Check the amount of detergent you have put in the washer.
  2. Examine the GE top load washer’s drain hose for leaks.
  3. Check the water connections to your GE top load washer.
  4. Check whether the GE top load washer lid is closing firmly.
  5. Check the load in your GE top loading washer.

Why does my ge top load washer not spin?

If the washer shuts down mid-cycle, make sure it is properly filled and leveled. If the washer basket is filled with laundry beyond the balance ring, the washer may begin to shake causing the spin cycle to stop. Twist the leveling feet clockwise until they reach the ground.

What to do if your washer Won’t Spin?

If your washer won’t enter the spin cycle, check that the load is properly balanced. The washer may not spin if all of the clothes are gathered in one section of the tub, so redistribute as necessary and run the drain-and-spin or rinse-and-spin cycle to finish the load.

What kind of Spin Cycle does GE Profile washer have?

GE’s Profile Series of washing machines come equipped with a variety of specialty cycles that make washing uncommon items, such as fleece or pet bedding, easier. But no matter what type of laundry you’re washing, the spin cycle is one of the machine’s most important.

Why does my washing machine make strange noises?

Keep in mind that some cycles, such as Delicates, do not allow for higher spin speeds. You may hear strange sounds during your washer’s spin cycle that seem to indicate a problem with your machine. However, some noises are part of the spin cycle’s normal operating procedure.