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Who did the soundtrack for the movie Claudine?

Who did the soundtrack for the movie Claudine?

Curtis Mayfield
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Who wrote the movie Claudine?

Tina Pine
Lester Pine

Claudine is a 1974 American romantic comedy-drama film, produced by Third World Films and distributed by 20th Century Fox, starring James Earl Jones, Diahann Carroll, and Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs. Claudine was written by Lester Pine and Tina Pine, and directed by John Berry.

What is the movie Claudine about?

Claudine (Diahann Carroll) is a single mother in New York City who endures an exhausting commute to the suburbs where she works as a maid for wealthy families. In one carefully tended white community, she meets Roop (James Earl Jones), a charismatic but irresponsible garbage collector. Romance quickly ensues, but Claudine doubts that their relationship is good for her six children, and Rupert, despite his good nature, is reluctant to take on fatherhood.
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When did the movie Claudine come out?

April 22, 1974 (USA)
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Who recorded the makings of you?

The Makings of You/Artists

Where can I watch Claudine?

Watch Claudine on Netflix Today!

Does Netflix have Claudine?

How old is James Earl Jones?

90 years (January 17, 1931)
James Earl Jones/Age
James Earl Jones, who turns 90 on Jan. 17, has one of the most famous voices of all time — not just as Darth Vader and Mufasa, but as the voice of CNN and hundreds of other programs.

Who sampled the joy Kanye?

Kanye West and Jay-Z feat. Curtis Mayfield’s ‘The Joy’ sample of Curtis Mayfield’s ‘The Makings of You (Live)’ | WhoSampled.

What does have your makings mean?

: to have the talent needed to become (someone successful) He has (all) the makings of a great quarterback.

Where can I watch the movie Claudine for free?

Did the movie Claudine win any awards?

NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actor in a Motion Picture
NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture