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What kind of pizza is on cameo pizza?

What kind of pizza is on cameo pizza?

Crisp lettuce, mushrooms, ham, green pepper, onion, peperoni, black and green olives and tomatoes, topped with our blended cheese. Crisp lettuce, tomato, sliced chicken tender strips, or grilled chicken, topped with our blended pizza cheese.

Who is the main character in the TV show Pizza?

Paul Fenech as Pauly Falzoni – main protagonist, pizza delivery man, boxer, and aspiring “fil-um maker”. His favourite derogatory comment for people is “stooge”, originating from a comment a teacher once made to him.

When did the movie Pizza Man come out?

Pizza began in the early 1990s as a black-and-white short film entitled Pizza Man created by Paul Fenech, in which he starred as the eponymous pizza man. In 1995, the short film won third place in the Tropfest film festival.

Who is Claudia from the TV show Fat Pizza?

Annalise Braakensiek as supermodel Claudia MacPherson – pronounced “Clow-dia”, the name is an obvious play on models Claudia Schiffer and Elle Macpherson. She is dimwitted, rich, blonde, bulimic, and attractive. She is a regular customer at Fat Pizza and often has run-ins with both Pauly and Sleek.

Is the food at cameos drive in good?

The food was ok my daughters burger was overcooked and the gravy for country steak had no flavor both the kids said applesauce tasted funny. I ordered food Togo as soon as we ordered and still had to wait till after we finished meal to get it a good bit of time to.

What’s the Pork Chop special at cameos drive in?

Ordered pork chop special. Should have brought along my chain saw-very tuff and little flavor. so me and my family go into eat this is first time I have been inside since pandemic started there is no social distancing what so ever.

Do you have to pay for fries at cameos?

If you want just a burger and no fries they will still charge you for fries and then argue with you about it and the waitress will charge your card before you even get to talk to a manager about it and he won’t come see you either.