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What is the difference between Cal 117 and CAL 133?

What is the difference between Cal 117 and CAL 133?

What is CAL 133? While CAL 117 tests for upholstery flammability, CAL 133 tests the entire product. California Bulletin 133 regulations also differ in that they are specific to furniture that will be used in public spaces, including privately owned offices of ten or more people and government buildings.

Does TB 117 apply to outdoor furniture?

All residential and contract upholstered furniture manufactured, imported, or reupholstered on or after June 25th, 2021 must pass Cal TB 117-2013. This mandate will not apply to outdoor furniture.

What does TB 117 2013 compliant mean?

flammability of upholstered furniture
TB117-2013 is a new regulation regarding the flammability of upholstered furniture in California. It replaces the 1975 standard, Technical Bulletin 117 (TB117).

Is furniture fire rated?

The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 (amended 1989, 1993 and 2010) are UK law and are designed to ensure that upholstery components and composites used for furniture supplied in the UK meet specified ignition resistance levels. Upholstery composites must be cigarette resistant.

What is Cal 117 fire code?

What is the CAL TB 117 Fire Code? The CAL TB 117 fire code is both an open flame or the component pieces of upholstered furniture. The TB 117 test requires upholstered furniture paddings to withstand 12 second of an open flame without spreading the flame.

What does Cal TB 116 compliant mean?

TB 116 Flame Retardance Test of Upholstered Furniture – Test Requirement: No obvious flaming combustion occurs. The char develops should be less than two inchs in any direction from the cigarette.

What does NFPA 260 mean?

The NFPA 260 test is a standard of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) that measures the burning properties, or fire resistance, of upholstered furniture that may be exposed to cigarette ignition.

Do pillows need to be fire retardant?

The furniture regulations do not encompass fire resistance requirements for cover fabric and ticking of bed-bases and mattresses. The regulations do not apply to the decorative cover of pillows, scatter cushions and seat pads or to covers for these items which are sold separately.

How can you tell if furniture is fire resistant?

How to tell whether furniture complies. New upholstered furniture, apart from the exemptions mentioned above, must carry a permanent label with the heading ‘CARELESSNESS CAUSES FIRE’. This label is usually found behind a loose cover at the rear of the furniture or under a seat cushion.

Who will take furniture without fire labels?

POSSIBLE FOR FURNITURE DISPOSAL WITHOUT FIRE LABELS? To successfully donate your furniture to charities such as the British Heart Foundation, the fire safety label must be attached. Otherwise, they will not be able to take it from you. So, it is important to keep the label attached to the furniture at all times.

What does Cal TB compliant mean?

TB117-2013 is a new regulation for the flammability of upholstered furniture in California. It replaces the 1975 standard, Technical Bulletin 117 (TB117).

What is Bhfti?

Definition. BHFTI. Bureau of Home Furnishings and Thermal Insulation (California; consumer protection) Copyright 1988-2018, All rights reserved.

What’s the difference between Cal 117 and Cal 133 fire?

The difference between CAL 117 and CAL 133 fire ratings is huge, so read carefully before determining which is the right choice for your business. What is CAL 117? CAL 117, short for California Technical Bulletin 117, sets the standard for upholstered furniture flammability regulations in the furniture industry.

What was TB 133 and what was its purpose?

Enacted in1991, TB 133 established flammability requirements for upholstered seating used in public occupancies including hospitals, nursing homes jails, children’s day care centers, public auditoriums and stadiums, and assembly areas. In recent years TB 133 was criticized by the industry for its mandated “open flame” test procedure.

What was the repeal of Technical Bulletin 133?

With the repeal of TB 133, upholstered public occupancy seating shall meet the requirements of California’s other flammability standards, Technical Bulletin 116 (TB 116) and Technical Bulletin 117 (TB 117).

When is TB 133 being repealed in California?

TB 133 has been repealed by California’s Bureau of Electronic and Appliance Repair, Home Furnishings and Thermal Insulation, effective January 22, 2019.