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What is Emerald Sustrai based on?

What is Emerald Sustrai based on?

Emerald is based off the fairytale character, Aladdin.

Is Emerald good in RWBY?

Emerald seems to be quite adept with her weapons, demonstrating skilled swordsmanship and marksmanship, demonstrating the ability to ensnare opponents in her chains and reel them in, even from a great distance, even bringing down Ruby despite the latter using her scythe’s recoil for extra speed.

Does Emerald die RWBY?

Things turn serious as Emerald reveals that she knows he is planning on running from the White Fang and that he knows why they are there. She asks him if he is planning to fight back and he shouts “Yes” before lunging at her. She ducks under him and Mercury kicks him out of the air, killing him instantly.

Is Emerald evil RWBY?

Emerald Sustrai is a former major antagonist-turned-supporting protagonist in the American web cartoon series RWBY. She was one of Cinder Fall’s two right-hands alongside her former partner, Mercury Black.

How old is winter Schnee from RWBY?

As indicated by Chapter 75 of Relic of the Future, Winter is “15+6 years old” before Yang Xiao Long enrolled into Beacon at 17, meaning she is 21 years old at the start of the Beacon Academy school semester, and thus was born in 21 BB.

How old is Neopolitan RWBY?

Despite being over 20 years old, Neo is also rather diminutive in stature, compared to the rest of the main cast, including Ruby Rose, as shown in the height chart presented by Monty Oum.

Who is the tallest character in RWBY?

The tallest is Yatsuhashi, at 7 feet tall, and the shortest is Neo.

Can neo talk RWBY?

Neo is one of the most mysterious charicters on RWBY. She has never said a word, however Gray G. Haddock has confirmed that Neo has a voice actress, and she has not spoken once during her screen time.

How old is Oscar RWBY?

It’s there that they confirmed Oscar is 14 years old when he begins his time on the show. It’s hard to gauge exactly how old he is by the time the seventh volume ends, but it’s likely he’s around 15 years old.

How old is Penny RWBY?

The 17-year-old heiress to the Schnee family, a powerful high-class family based in Atlas.

How old is Oscar from RWBY?

Did Winter Schnee lose arm?

Power Armor (Volume 8) She wears two red-and-black pauldrons on her arms and legs similar to that of her brace in the visit, and seems to have recovered her missing weapon from the fight with Cinder. It is described as being power armor.

Who is emerald Sustrai in the show RWBY?

Emerald Sustrai is a former major antagonist-turned-supporting protagonist in the American web cartoon series RWBY. She was one of Cinder Fall ‘s two right-hands alongside her former partner, Mercury Black. Although still associated in part with Cinder, she is now a member of Ruby Rose’s group against both Salem and James Ironwood .

How did Emerald Sustrai get to be a villain?

One day during a jewel heist, Emerald was confronted out the back of the store by Cinder Fall, who offered her a place of belonging in her faction. Though hesitant at first, Emerald agreed, and soon found a mentor figure in Cinder, unaware of Cinder’s indifference to her.

How did Emerald Sustrai get recruited by Cinder Fall?

Emerald lived in a city before being recruited by Cinder Fall. She lived day to day without a guarantee of enough food, always resorting to stealing to get by. Cinder saw her use her Semblance to steal a ring from a jeweler and asked her to come with her, guaranteeing a source of food.

What did mercury do to Ruby in Emerald Sustrai?

Mercury hits Ruby with the boom microphone, Emerald attempts to drop a spotlight on Blake, and Cinder pushes the giant rose emblem down on top of Professor Ozpin, remarking that “sometimes, it’s just too easy”.