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What did Hayat Sindi discover?

What did Hayat Sindi discover?

Sindi helped create low-cost devices that can be used in developing countries to help diagnose diseases. To this end, she has invented a biochemical sensor that features thermoelastic probes, and she created the Magnetic Acoustic Resonance Sensor (MARS), both of which help diagnose illnesses quickly and on-site.

What is Dr Hayat Sindi known for?

Hayat Sindi is a 2011 Emerging Explorer. She is a scientist and humanitarian who works to make health-care efficient and affordable to rural, impoverished populations. Hayat is a National Geographic Emerging Explorer.

What are the advantages of the medical invention Hayat Sindi promotes?

The medical device that Hayat Sindi promote benefit poor people because first of all the test costs less than a dime.

How old is Hayat Sindi?

53 years (November 6, 1967)
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Why is Hayat Sindi important?

Dr. Hayat AlSindi (Arabic: حياة سندي‎; born 6 November 1967) is a Saudi Arabian medical scientist and one of the first female members of the Consultative Assembly of Saudi Arabia. She is famous for making major contributions to point-of-care medical testing and biotechnology.

What challenges and obstacles do you think Hayat Sindi has experienced in her career as a scientist?

Dr. Hayat Sindi has faced – and overcome – more obstacles and challenges than most people can even imagine. She has faced cultural bias, language barriers, gender bias, and more. Her integrity has been challenged – falsely.

Where is Hayat Sindi from?

Mecca, Saudi Arabia
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Who is Hayat Sindi and what does she do?

Meet Hayat, a Saudi woman like few others. She was the first woman from the Arabian Gulf to earn a PhD in Biotechnology and hopes that many will follow. She is a co-founder of Diagnostics For All, a not-for-profit that aims to save lives and improve health in the developing world through low-cost, innovative, practical diagnostic devices.

Who is Hayat Sindi, National Geographic Emerging Explorer?

Hayat is a National Geographic Emerging Explorer. She is a biotechnologist working to bring affordable health care to remote, impoverished communities using a unique tool —a tiny piece of paper. According to National Geographic, “The low-tech diagnostic tool detects disease by analyzing bodily fluids.

When did Hayat Sindi become a goodwill ambassador?

She was also named a 2011 Emerging Explorer by the National Geographic Society. On October 1, 2012, Sindi was appointed by UNESCO head Irina Bokova as a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for her efforts in promoting science education in the Middle East, especially for girls. She was also on Newsweek ‘s list of 150 women who shook the world for that year.

When did Hayat Sindi win the National Geographic Prize?

In 2010, Sindi was the winner of the Mekkah Al Mukaramah prize for scientific innovation, given by HRH Prince Khalid bin Faisal Al Saud. She was also named a 2011 Emerging Explorer by the National Geographic Society.