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Is there a difference between cedar and aromatic cedar?

Is there a difference between cedar and aromatic cedar?

It differs from the term “red cedar” in that red cedar refers to the tree as a whole, while “aromatic cedar” specifically denotes the wood of the eastern red cedar that is used in building projects and sometimes only building project lumber culled from specimens of eastern red cedar found in the southern portions of …

Which cedar is aromatic?

Juniperus Virginiana
Aromatic Cedar is actually Juniperus Virginiana, however, it’s commonly referred to as Red Cedar. Other names can be just as misleading: Eastern Red Cedar, Virginia Pencil Cedar and Red Juniper. Interestingly enough the two trees don’t look all that much alike.

What is aromatic cedar good for?

Main Uses for Aromatic Cedar Cedar has a natural resistance to decay making it a good choice for a large variety of woodworking projects. Eastern red cedar works well for: Trim in boats and canoes. Jewelry boxes.

Does aromatic cedar lose its smell?

Over time, aromatic cedar loses its aroma, but it can be restored by sanding away the top layer of the wood. Depending on the original strength of the scent in the wood (which varies), this may have to be done every three to seven years to refresh the wood’s insect-repelling aroma.

Is the smell of cedar harmful?

Cedar chips are commonly used as mulch. However, the aromatic oils that give cedar wood its insect-repellent properties and pleasant smell can be dangerous to animals and some humans.

Is Red Cedar better than white cedar?

Why Red Cedar is the Best Building Material – White Cedar vs. Red Cedar. Although there are some key differences, it is important to note that white cedar is an excellent material. White cedar is slightly stronger than red cedar, almost as resistant to rot and decay, and has a beautiful finish.

Is aromatic cedar toxic?

Allergies/Toxicity: Although severe reactions are quite uncommon, Aromatic Red Cedar has been reported to cause skin and respiratory irritation.

What is the most aromatic cedar wood?

Eastern Red
Eastern Red (Aromatic) Cedar Most people refer to this wood as “aromatic cedar” because of its pungent natural oils, and use it to line closets and hope chests to ward off insects.

Can you finish aromatic cedar?

Skip the finish Top-coating aromatic cedar seals in, and therefore negates, its insect-repellent properties. But you should also avoid applying any stain, paint, or finish to the non-cedar interior surfaces of a cedar chest.

How long does the cedar smell last?

Aromatic cedar loses both its smell and insect-repellent properties after a year or two. Occasional sanding restores cedar’s effectiveness for several years. Fresh, fresh cedar in quantity can be smelled from much farther away! All cedar will dry over time as oil evaporates into the air (like it should).

Is cedar mulch toxic to humans?

For most people, cedar shavings are not dangerous, but it may be necessary to use them with caution, especially around small animals and people with existing allergies or sensitivities.

What cedar smells the best?

I’m from the Midwest United States, where we have Eastern Red Cedar. This type of Cedar is also called an aromatic Cedar, and it produces the best smelling campfire smoke I’ve ever experienced. It is light, sweet, rich, and makes you feel fresh just by having smelled it.

Is a cedar tree the same as a cypress tree?

A true cedar tree is in the genus Cedrus , while a true cypress tree is in the genus Cupressus . There are many plants commonly called cedar and many plants called cypress, but not all are truly cypress or cedar.

How do you identify a cedar tree?

How to Identify Cedar Trees Method 1 of 4: Noticing True Cedars. Look for true cedars in their native habitat of the Mediterranean. Method 2 of 4: Picking out Western Red Cedars. Check for reddish brown bark and cones. Method 3 of 4: Finding Eastern Red Cedars. Look for peeling silvery brown bark and small reddish cones. Method 4 of 4: Looking for the Atlantic White Cedar.

What species are cedar trees?

Atlas Cedar (Cedrus atlantica)

  • Deodar Cedar (Cedrus deodara)
  • Cedar of Lebanon (Cedrus libani)
  • Cyprian Cedar (Cedrus Brevifolia)
  • What are the uses of Cedar?

    Uses for Cedar Lumber General Qualities. Most types of cedar share three general characteristics. Clothing Storage. One popular use for cedar wood is in clothing storage furnishings, such as wardrobes, chests and trunks. Shingles. Another common use for cedar wood is in making shingles, for both exterior walls and roofs. Musical Instruments and Paneling.