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How much is a Yamaha QT50 worth?

How much is a Yamaha QT50 worth?


Excellent $2,240
Very Good $1,730
Good $825
Fair $605
Poor N/A

How fast does a Yamaha QT50 go?

The QT50 closely resembles contemporary mopeds, but without the bicycle pedals typical to the class, leading some to refer to such vehicles as “nopeds.” The Yamahopper has an approximate top speed of 30 mph in stock form, and thus can be used for city driving.

What years did Yamaha make the QT50?

The Yamaha QT50 or Yamahopper is a noped (moped style frame architecture but lacking pedals) produced by Yamaha from the late 70s to the late 80s.

How can I make my Qt50 faster?

How to Make My Qt50 Yamaha Moped Go Faster

  1. Remove the air intake located on your carburetor.
  2. Take the spark plug out of your engine and check its spark by running your engine with the plug out.
  3. Consider purchasing a big bore kit online.
  4. Clean out the muffler and exhaust port on your engine.

Is the 1979 Yamaha QT50 moped for sale?

1979 Yamaha QT50 Moped for sale. I bought this at an auction decided to sell it rather than keep it. It runs great and is complete! There is no title but i have the receipt from when i bought it and can draw up a bill of sale for you if you intend to title it.

How much does a 1983 Yamaha QT50 cost?

Chrome and paint in very nice condition,asking $575.00 firm. 716 573-4115 $575.00 7165734115 1983 Yamaha QT50, 1983 Yamaha QT50 ( also known as the Yamahopper ) is a 2-stroke moped.

What kind of motor does a Yamaha QT50 have?

Awesome 1984 Yamahopper QT 50 moped. It has a 49cc 2-Stroke motor. Oil injection so there’s no mixing fuelEverything works, Lights, blinkers, horn and dash lights. I have the fenders and license plate holder but not currently installed.

What’s the bending limit on a Yamaha QT50?

Should anyone ask what the valve’s bending limit is on the QT50, it is 0.8mm; potentially useful knowledge when a barroom of Yamahopper owners are making bets. Yamaha’s Autolube system made sure the gas and oil mixture was as close to perfect as possible.