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How do you spell Duncan Phyfe furniture?

How do you spell Duncan Phyfe furniture?

Duncan Phyfe, original name Duncan Fife, (born 1768, near Loch Fannich, Ross and Cromarty, Scotland—died August 16, 1854, New York, New York, U.S.), Scottish-born American furniture designer, a leading exponent of the Neoclassical style, sometimes considered the greatest of all American cabinetmakers.

How can you tell if a Duncan Phyfe is real?

The original owners should be able to confirm the furniture piece’s authenticity. You can also look for Phyfe’s style. Compare carvings on mahogany dining table legs or knees with those of known Phyfe items. Antique books, online resources, and museums are good reference sources.

Where was Duncan Phyfe made?

New York City
Duncan Phyfe was a Scotch immigrant who became known for refined furniture, made by skilled craftsmen in his factory in New York City. Phyfe took European styles and refined them with high quality materials to appeal to American tastes, becoming one of the best known furniture makes of the early 19th century.

How much is a Duncan Phyfe sofa worth?

How Much is a Duncan Phyfe Sofa? Prices for a duncan phyfe sofa start at $1,900 and top out at $40,000 with the average selling for $7,500.

What chair design is Duncan Phyfe commonly known for?

Phyfe was heavily influenced by Hepplewhite and his influence is easily seen. The style is commonly known for harps, lutes, and lyres in chair backs.

How can you tell how old a Gateleg table is?

Look at the finish of the table to determine whether it has a patina of age. Even if it is in beautiful shape, it should not look new. You can identify antique furniture by looking for saw marks, especially on the tabletop. Up until the early 1800s, saw marks will be straight, and after that, they may be circular.

How can you tell how old furniture is?

Look carefully at the bottom, sides, and back of the drawer; if the wood shows nicks or cuts, it was probably cut with a plane, a spokeshave, or a drawknife. Straight saw marks also indicate an old piece. If the wood shows circular or arc-shaped marks, it was cut by a circular saw, not in use until about 1860.

What motif was used extensively on the backs of Duncan Phyfe chairs?

Well known designers who employed this stylistic element include the noted New York City furniture designer Duncan Phyfe. The term lyre chair is a closely associated design element also originating in motif from the Greek Classical period and appearing often in chair backs starting circa 1700 AD.

How can you tell how old a piece of furniture is?

What is the value of a gate leg table?

This William and Mary style gateleg table should be appraised to determine its true worth, but values of similar tables range from $3,500 to $17,500 based on age, size and condition.

How do I identify my furniture maker?

Spot the Signs: Tags, Stamps and Labels A telltale sign of the furniture’s maker is a manufacturing tag, label or stamp bearing the name of the creator. Such a marking or label may have been placed inside a drawer on an old dresser, on the back of a chest of drawers, or on the underside of a chair or sofa seat.

What is the most expensive antique?

1. Pinner Qing Dynasty Vase – $80.2 million. This vase is the world’s most expensive antique right now.