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How do you pass police vetting?

How do you pass police vetting?

Top tips

  1. Be honest – declare all convictions, cautions and involvement in criminal investigations.
  2. Make sure you provide maiden names, dates of birth and addresses for all the people listed on your vetting forms.
  3. Include details of any criminal associates.
  4. Can’t remember or provide specific details?

Can D join Kenya police?

Kenya Police Shortlisted Candidates. Official: Kenya Police Recruitment – Online Application Form & Requirements Click Here! KCSE D+ is usually the minimum qualification. Those with grades KCSE E, KCSE D-, KCSE D may not make it at least for now.

How can I become a police inspector in Kenya?

Kenya Police KPS Recruitment Requirements

  1. Be a citizen of Kenya.
  2. Hold a Kenya National Identity Card.
  3. Possess a minimum mean grade of D+ (D Plus) and above in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary.
  4. Be aged between 18 and 28 years.
  5. Meet the requirements of Chapter Six of the Constitution.
  6. Be physically and mentally fit.

What is the highest rank in the Kenya Police Service?

Inspector General The Inspector General of police is the highest ranks available in the National Police Service. The Kenya police Inspector General’s shoulder badge has a laurel wreath which surrounds a crossed scimitar sword and swagger cane and two lion badges at the top.

Can you fail a vetting?

There are some convictions that will lead to automatic failure of vetting. These include but are not limited to murder, firearms offences, domestic violence offences, any dishonesty related offence, for example fraud, and offences with a hate aggravation such as race.

How long does a police vetting take?

It usually takes 20 working days for a police vet to be processed, but at peak times it may take longer. Submit your request as soon as possible for new employees or contractors, and plan ahead for police vets expiring in the next few months.

How much do Kenya police earn per month?

The NPS lessened administration police salary per month in Kenya, with graduate compensation shifting from Ksh. 36,000 to Ksh. 18,000. Before these salary changes, which likewise included imposing a tax on disabled officers, graduate constables earned a basic salary equivalent to a non-graduate inspector.

How Long Does police training take in Kenya?

Police recruits will now go for a 15 months of intensive training at Kenya police college,Kiganjo.

How much does a constable earn in Kenya?

Constable/Fresh Graduate – Ksh. 32,880.

How much does OCPD earn in Kenya?

What is the salary of OCPD? An average basic salary of an OCPD who does not have any rank is Ksh. 74,000 while the senior superintendent earns an average basic salary of Ksh. 86,277 per month.

What is checked during vetting?

The process includes confirming employment history, authenticating educational credentials such as degrees, professional licenses and certifications, checking social media profiles, reviewing credit reports and searching for any prior criminal records or jail time.

What is checked in police vetting?

The checks we conduct look for any previous behaviour on behalf of the applicant or their family which may present a risk to the Force. We look at previous arrests, investigations, cautions, convictions, penalty notices, intelligence reports, motoring offences and open source material.