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Who dies in the Rage Carrie 2?

Who dies in the Rage Carrie 2?

List of Deaths

Name Cause of Death Killer
Eric Stark Impalement: Stabbed in the groin with a spear gun Rachel Lang
Mark Bing Drowning
Tracy Campbell Crushing/immolation: Roof fallen on her head and burned afterwards
Rachel Lang

What happens at the end of Carrie 2?

After her best friend, Lisa Parker, commits suicide by leaping from the roof of the school, it is uncovered that Eric Stark, a popular football star, rejected her after exploiting her for sex.

Does Rachel die in Carrie 2?

Rachel overthrew Tracy with the ablaze roof, killing her, and confronted Jesse about the game and his lies. Jesse insisted that he did not know the jocks were filming them and that he really loved Rachel, unaware of the loosening heavy roof above him.

Did they make a Carrie 2?

The Rage: Carrie 2 is a 1999 American supernatural horror film and a sequel to the 1976 horror film, Carrie, based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King and features Carrie White’s half-sister Rachel Lang in the lead role.

Is Carrie based on a true story?

Nearly every novel Stephen King writes takes inspiration from his life. In Carrie, the titular character was inspired by two women he once knew. A great many stories from prolific horror author, Stephen King, are based on real-life occurrences he’s experienced as well as people whom he has known personally.

What is the movie Rage Carrie 2 about?

When her closest friend commits suicide after being manipulated by the popular crowd, quiet and bookish Rachel Lang (Emily Bergl) decides to get back at the guilty parties. Although Rachel falls for sensitive football player Jesse Ryan (Jason London), she remains determined to punish his callous friends. When Rachel discovers that she has superhuman abilities, it ups the stakes for her revenge, echoing a supernatural incident that occurred decades before.
The Rage: Carrie 2/Film synopsis

How did Carrie get her powers?

According to the book, the powers are genetically transmitted (but only manifest in females) and both her parents were carriers. Her powers, after having been suppressed during her childhood, unleashed after she experienced her first menstruation.

Who is Kayla Campbell?

Kayla Campbell is an actress, known for The Rage: Carrie 2 (1999), Sheena (2000) and Holy Joe (1999)…

How did Sue get pregnant in Carrie?

When Carrie got the chance to play, she accidentally hit Sue in the head and she just laughed it off. While preparing the gym for prom, Sue felt sick and vomited in the toilet, implying that she was pregnant with Tommy’s baby. Sue Snell in ‘Carrie’ 2013 with Tommy. On prom night, Sue stayed home with her family.

Does Tommy actually like Carrie?

Tommy and Carrie Tommy respects Carrie and is the boyfriend of Sue. Because of her request, he invites Carrie to the prom. They are both elected Prom Queen and King, not knowing that Chris orchestrated it.

What happened to Carrie’s father?

After her daughter Carrie White was conceived, Ralph died in a grisly construction accident.

Why is Carrie a banned book?

Carrie by Stephen King It is one of the most frequently banned books in United States schools, because of Carrie’s violence, cursing, underage sex, and negative view of religion. This book has been banned in Nevada, Vermont, Iowa, New York, Pennsylvania, and North Dakota.