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Where is the best place to duck hunt in Florida?

Where is the best place to duck hunt in Florida?

One of the best duck spots in Florida is Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, on the east-central coast near the town of Titusville.

Is there any duck hunting in Florida?

Duck Hunting Nation Knowledge That aside, Florida offers some fantastic duck gunning during December and January, especially for divers and teal. The state also attracts lots of bluebills and redheads. Plus, Florida has great opportunities for mottled ducks and whistling ducks.

Where is duck hunting legal in Florida?

During open seasons, hunting ducks, geese and coots is permitted only on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays in the state waters of the Gulf of Mexico in Hernando County north of Raccoon Point and east of Saddle Key as designated by posted signs.

Where are the ducks in Florida?

The best place to find these ducks in Florida is wetland habitat away from people. Wildlife refuges are perfect places to start. They tend to stick to shallower areas near the edges of lakes and ponds.

Can you duck hunt on any river?

You can hunt ducks anywhere you find water, from tiny ponds to big-water impoundments to sprawling coastal sounds, but some of the most appealing waters to my mind are small to medium-sized inland rivers.

How do you attract ducks in Florida?

3 Ways to Attract More Ducks to Your Pond

  1. Increase water clarity. Clear water encourages aquatic plants, aquatic snails and several aquatic insects, which are primary foods of migratory ducks.
  2. Reduce disturbance. Human activity near a pond can scare away ducks, causing them to relocate elsewhere.
  3. Add duck food plants.

Where is the best duck hunting in the South?

The South’s Best Duck-Hunting Spots

  • Lake Calcasieu, Louisiana. Few places in North America offer better duck hunting than that found in south Louisiana.
  • Florida.
  • Stuttgart, Arkansas.
  • Mississippi River Delta, Mississippi.
  • Port Aransas-Corpus Christi, Texas.
  • Missouri.

Can you duck hunt anywhere?

Virtually all states have public areas where any waterfowler with a license and minimal gear can enjoy good sport. Granted, hunters have to learn when and how to hunt these places. But if they’re willing to work and have the expertise to handle the competition, they can find good waterfowl hunting on them.

Can Florida ducks fly?

Florida mottled ducks nest from February through July. The females tend to locate their nests in dense vegetation (tall grasses, rushes or palmetto thickets) on the ground near water. The nest is built of vegetation and lined with down. Young mottled ducks are capable of flight at 60 to 70 days of age.

What is the most common duck in Florida?

mallard ducks
Florida is home to a variety of both non-migratory and migratory ducks. Some of the most common species of ducks found in central Florida are mallard ducks, Florida mottled ducks, black-bellied whistling ducks and wood ducks.

How do you attract ducks to your river?

Can you float hunt ducks?

The water you’re floating on might be legal to hunt, but if a duck goes down on privately owned shoreline, you may be required to leave your gun in the boat or even have specific permission to send your dog ashore for the retrieve. It’s also a good idea to scout planned float routes before the hunting season each year.

When is duck hunting season in Florida?

Florida’s regular duck season is set to open on December 8 and remain open until January 27. Northwest Florida is often overlooked as a duck hunting destination, but the area serves as the winter home to a nice variety of ducks and other waterfowl.

When is duck hunting season?

In 2019-20, the state took advantage of new federal regulations allowing duck season to go until Jan. 31, not just the last Sunday in January. But in 2021, Jan. 31 is the last Sunday in January.

Is there hunting in Florida?

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