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What size battery does my watch take?

What size battery does my watch take?

You can look in your owner’s manual for the specific model and watch battery size. Other methods include doing a quick google search with the brand name and model number or opening up the watch to read the number on the battery. 116 and 377 are common watch battery types to look out for.

What kind of battery does a digital watch use?

About Watch Batteries. Most batteries used in watches today are silver-oxide or lithium batteries, of which there are over 100 in use.

What battery replaces 386?

Energizer 301 386
Energizer 301 386 battery equivalent: 10L124, 280-21, 280-41, 301/386, D301/386, SB-B8, SR1142W, SR43 and SR43W. Energizer 301 386 battery is compatible with: keyless remote entry systems for cars and homes, calculators, watches, computers, photo camera, audio books, games, toys and more.

Do watch batteries fit all watches?

All watch batteries are not the same. We have 2 basic types, 1.55 volt silver oxide batteries and 3.0 volt lithium batteries. A watch movement takes a specific size and type of battery and they cannot be interchanged. Most of the time we can only tell what battery your watch needs by taking off the back of the watch.

Can I replace my watch battery myself?

Do it yourself You’ll need tweezers and a small screwdriver to remove the dead battery and replace it with the new one. Safety note: it is suggested using plastic rather than metal tools to avoid an electrical shock. Wearing gloves can also prevent damage from occurring inside the watch.

What is the most common watch battery size?

The most common watch batteries are V371 (quality men’s watches) and V377 (quality lady’s watches and most cheap made in china movements). LR44/V357 is a very common pocket calculator battery. CR2032 is the most common lithium button cell (3V) and is not part of this cross reference.

Are Sony watch batteries any good?

The Sony watch battery has great leak resistance and voltage stability. It also provides a long shelf life, according to a popular consumer website. In addition, Sony supplies watch batteries to the Seiko, Casio, Citizen, and Orient watch manufacturers.

What battery is equivalent to 389?

389 Battery is a direct replacement for SR1130W, SR54, SR1130, SB-BU, 280-15, M, V389, D389, 626, S1131E, GP389, AG10, AG-10, 389, 189, L1131, G10, V10GA, LR1130, GP189, LR54, SG10, A389, L1131, L1131C, L1131D RW89.

What batteries are compatible with LR41?

A common equivalent for the LR41 alkaline battery is the 384/392B sized watch battery. It is a thin circular silver oxide 1.55 volt button battery.

Does watch battery size matter?

Each watch model has a specific battery size and type, and you can’t replace it with another one. However, if you can’t find your required one in the watch repair shops or stores, then consult multiple battery conversion charts available on the internet.

How much does watch battery cost?

On average, most professionals are going to charge around $5 to $14 to replace a basic watch battery, but this can greatly vary depending on the brand and type. Watches with a water resistant battery can cost $40 to $65, whereas chronograph models can cost as much as $65 to $100.

Does target replace watch batteries?

Most Target stores will not replace watch batteries however selected shops may help replace the battery of watches they sell. Stores such as JCPenney, Zanes Corporation, Fred Meyers Jewelers, and Sterling Jewelers will replace watch batteries in-store. Regular watch battery replacements usually cost around $10.