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What is the zip code for Beacon Hill Boston?

What is the zip code for Beacon Hill Boston?

Boston’s prestigious Beacon Hill neighborhood, 02108 ranked as the #1 most expensive zip code in Massachusetts in 2017, according to real estate research firm PropertyShark.

What zip code is 02199?


Why is Beacon Hill so expensive?

“While Beacon Hill is one of the most expensive neighborhoods on a per-square-foot basis, it falls behind Back Bay and the Seaport because of the higher proportion of condo development in the former and the almost entire market of new-condo development in the latter,” NeighborhoodX research director Constantine …

Is Beacon Hill in Boston Safe?

While Beacon Hill has a well-earned reputation for safety, residents and visitors are still advised to remain alert to their surroundings, particularly after dark, and to report serious incidents to the Boston Police. Living on Beacon Hill is perhaps the most European-like residential experience in the United States.

How expensive is Beacon Hill?

Beacon Hill, Massachusetts was named the seventh-most expensive neighborhood to live, according to a ranking by With an average listing price of $3.1 million, it is known as one of America’s most prestigious neighborhoods.

What’s the most expensive neighborhood in Boston?

Most Expensive Boston Neighborhoods

  • Beacon Hill – $3,181,088.
  • Seaport District – $2,831,060.
  • Back Bay – $2,541,007.
  • Fenway / Kenmore – $2,116,283.
  • South End – $1,725,633.
  • North End – $1,431, 819.
  • West End – $725,959.

Is Beacon Hill Rich?

The oldest of the nine districts in Boston, Beacon Hill is rich in history. It has revolutionary roots and it became a center for black and white abolitionists in the 18th century.

What celebrities live in Beacon Hill?

It’s currently home to John Kerry and Teresa Heinz, and is the former address of novelist William Dean Howells and the Alcott family (including daughter Louisa May of Little Women fame). Louisburg Square is considered one of the most expensive residential neighborhoods in the country.

Is Beacon Hill Expensive?

Why is Beacon Hill famous?

One of Boston’s oldest neighborhoods, Beacon Hill is known for its charming, narrow cobblestone streets, federal style row houses and gaslit streetlamps. It’s also considered to be one of Boston’s most desirable and expensive residential areas in the city.

Where do millionaires live in Boston?

Detailed List Of The Richest Neighborhoods In Boston For 2021

Rank Neighborhood Median Household Income<
1 Back Bay-Beacon Hill $93,684
2 Central $93,484
3 Charlestown $91,998
4 West Roxbury $91,763

What’s the richest town in Massachusetts?

Incorporated Cities and Towns

Rank Municipality Population
1 Weston 11,538
2 Concord 18,442
3 Lexington 31,886
4 Carlisle 4,852

Is the Massachusetts State House on Beacon Hill?

Show map of the United States. Beacon Hill is a historical neighborhood in Boston, Massachusetts, and the hill upon which the Massachusetts State House resides. The term “Beacon Hill” is locally used as a metonym to refer to the state government or the legislature itself, much like Washington, D.C.’s “Capitol Hill” does at the federal level.

What was the elevation of Beacon Hill in Boston?

Between 1807 and 1832 Beacon Hill was reduced from 138 feet in elevation to 80 feet. The shoreline and bodies of water such as the Mill Pond had a “massive filling”, increasing Boston’s land mass by 150%. Charles Street was one of the new roads created from the project.

Where to buy a condo in Beacon Hill?

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Where was the signal beacon located in Boston?

In 1634 a signal beacon was established on the top of the hill. Sailors and British soldiers visited the north slope of Beacon Hill during the 17th and 18th centuries. As a result, it became an undesirable area for Boston residents. Fringe activities occurred on Mount Whoredom, the backslope of Beacon Hill.