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What happened to Ajax in the Warriors?

What happened to Ajax in the Warriors?

Ajax on the train in Tremont. Ajax was a member of The Warriors, and one of the nine delegates chosen to represent the gang at the meeting. This failed and Ajax was able to redeem himself later when he helped Swan, Snow and Cowboy defeat the Baseball Furies. …

Why did Luther shoot Cyrus?

When Cyrus proposed his plan of uniting the gangs of new york to rule the city, Luther killed Cyrus (probably because he didn’t dig it). He later blamed the Warriors and then the movie really started.

Which of the Warriors died?

In the original script for the movie, Cleon is killed by the Grammercy Riffs, Cochise is killed by the Baseball Furies, Ajax is caught by the police, Vermin is killed by the Lizzies, and Swan gets kidnapped by the Dingos. This leaves only four Warriors in the battle with the Punks.

Who told the riffs who shot Cyrus?

Meanwhile, a member of a different gang visits the Riffs and tells them that he saw Luther shoot Cyrus. At dawn, the Warriors finally return to Coney Island, only to find Luther and the Rogues waiting for them. Swan challenges Luther to a one-on-one fight, but Luther pulls a gun instead.

Who is the best fighter in the Warriors?

Top 5 fighters of Warrior

  • Ah Sahm. Record: 2-1. Ah Sahm beat Bolo and Leary in competitive fights but lost to Li Yong.
  • Leary. Record: 0-1.
  • Bolo. Record: 0-1.
  • Zing. Record: 1-1.

Is warriors based on a true story?

No, ‘Warrior’ is not based on a true story. However, the central plot is actually Bruce Lee’s brainchild. His original idea was that of a Chinese martial artist traveling through the Mid-West.

What happened to the rogues at the end of the Warriors?

The Warriors are then cornered by the Rogues, Luther starts singing “Come Out To Play”. The Rogues then follow the Warriors down to the beach and fights them. The Warriors win and the Rogues are beaten, possibly to death, by the Gramercy Riffs.

Who got fired from The Warriors movie?

After very strong critical notices Waites auditioned for and got a part in Walter Hill’s The Warriors (1979) playing the character Fox. After disputes with the director, he was fired from this film.

Who killed Cleon?

He reached the summit of his fame by capturing the Spartans on the besieged island of Sphacteria in 425 after refusing their peace terms, but was defeated and killed at Amphipolis by the Spartan general Brasidas when trying to recover the cities of Thrace for the Athenian Empire.

Is Warriors a cat movie?

The film will be live-action, but the warrior cats will be computer-generated, and the film will probably be released in 3-D, Heyman said. Gizmodo points out that the book series, which has sold 30 million copies worldwide, has an official trailer that may give a few hints to how the movie could paw-sibly purr-gress.

Who is the leader of the Warriors?

Cleon was the leader and founder of the Warriors. He formed the gang in 1978, along with Vermin, after being betrayed by Virgil, the leader of the Destroyers. He was played and voiced by Dorsey Wright.

Who is the strongest fighter in the 100?

The 100: 10 Best Warriors, Ranked By Fighting Ability

  • 8 Echo.
  • 7 Diyoza.
  • 6 Sheidheda.
  • 5 Indra.
  • 4 Roan.
  • 3 Lexa.
  • 2 Luna.
  • 1 Octavia.

Why did Ajax get arrested in the Warriors?

He seems to have a rivalry or dislike for Swan, the Warchief, and he disobeys his orders, which leads him to be arrested when he tries to rape a woman after the rumble with the Baseball Furies. The woman in the park was actually a cop, and she called for backup, who then arrested Ajax.

What kind of prison does Ajax go to?

After his arrest, Ajax is sent to a low security prison where inmates are sent after the regular jails are full. During his time in prison, Ajax has many scuffles with an unnamed Baseball Fury, who Ajax would mock saying that the latter was not a Baseball Fury and that the Furies wear makeup.

How did Baseball Fury get rid of Ajax?

During his time in prison, Ajax has many scuffles with an unnamed Baseball Fury, who Ajax would mock saying that the latter was not a Baseball Fury and that the Furies wear makeup. After being denied to wear colors, the unnamed Baseball Fury carved warpaint into his face with scissors, then made plans to kill Ajax.

What kind of clothes does Ajax wear in the Warriors?

Ajax is a stocky, brown-haired, blue-eyed Caucasian male, wearing a black tank top under his vest, with fingerless gloves, completed with slacks the color of his hair. He is the toughest member in the gang, and he is always trying to show his manhood. He doesn’t like running from a fight.