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What does Roc Nation do for athletes?

What does Roc Nation do for athletes?

Roc Nation Sports focuses on elevating athletes’ careers on a global scale both on and off the field. Roc Nation Sports conceptualizes and executes marketing and endorsement deals, community outreach, charitable tie-ins, media relations, and brand strategy.

Who does Roc Nation Sports represent?

Headed by world-famous rapper Jay-Z, Roc Nation Sports has been a power player since its founding in 2013. Some of Roc Nation’s most valuable clients are NFL running backs Todd Gurley and Saquon Barkley, as well as Brooklyn Nets point guard Kyrie Irving.

How many athletes are signed to Roc Nation?

Roc Nation Sports currently boasts a roster with over 100 athletes across Baseball, Basketball, American Football, International Football, Rugby, and E-Sports. They also have a burgeoning broadcaster division.

How much is Roc Nation Sports worth?

Roc Nation: $140 million Jay-Z’s joint-venture with Live Nation was founded in 2008 and is a full-service entertainment company serving some of the biggest names in the biz, from musicians Rihanna and Alicia Keys to athletes Kyrie Irving and CC Sabathia.

How do I email Roc Nation?

Do you have questions? E-mail us directly at [email protected] or fill out the form below to contact us.

What does ROC stand for in Roc Nation?

Russian Olympic Committee
Paralympics Open in Tokyo’s National Stadium With Acrobats, Fireworks and Parade of Athletes. Just who is the ROC, anyway? It stands for Russian Olympic Committee.

What NBA players signed with Roc Nation?

Renowned recording artist Jay-Z founded Roc Nation Sports in 2013 as an extension of his record label. The agency will have ten days to attempt to salvage the relationship. In addition to Irving, LaMelo Ball, Danny Green, and Chris Boucher are some notable NBA players currently signed to Roc Nation Sports.

Who is the CEO of Roc Nation Sports?

Michael Yormark
And according to Michael Yormark, the president of Roc Nation Sports International and the co-CEO of Roc Nation Unified, the company’s consulting and commercial division, it all happened quickly. Roc went into the sports business in 2013, with then-New York Yankees superstar Robinson Cano becoming client No. 1.

How do I get in touch with Roc Nation?

Questions. The Site is provided by Roc Nation LLC. If you have any questions, comments or complaints regarding this Agreement or the Site, feel free to contact us at 9348 Civic Center Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, (310) 867-7000 or [email protected]

What rappers are signed to ROC Nation?

Artists Signed to ROC Nation

1 1.Andrea Martin
7 7.Brandon Rossi
8 8.Carter Winter
9 9.Casanova
10 10.Chad Sabo