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What does Error 138 ERR_NETWORK_ACCESS_DENIED mean?

What does Error 138 ERR_NETWORK_ACCESS_DENIED mean?

The error ERR_NETWORK_ACCESS_DENIED is a Google Chrome Error and it indicates that the website you are trying to access cannot be accessed because it has been denied. In General, this issue usually comes up when a software, or an app blocks the connection.

Why do I keep getting an error message on Google Chrome?

When you’re browsing the Web with Google Chrome, you might see an “Aw, Snap!” error message if you try to visit certain websites. This happens when Chrome detects a problem and the page won’t load. If the message keeps appearing, your browser may be corrupted. You can fix this by creating a new user profile.


It’s possible that a virus which infiltrated in your computer is the reason for the ERR_NETWORK_ACCESS_DENIED error. A good step in troubleshooting Internet connection is scanning the device for viruses, and removing them. Removing the virus, or an expensive antivirus software doesn’t mean that one is safe.

How do I stop chrome from blocking my antivirus?

How do I allow Google Chrome through my firewall?

  1. Check the Windows Defender Firewall permissions. First, check the Windows Defender Firewall permissions for Google Chrome.
  2. Disable VPN adapters.
  3. Uninstall VPN software.
  4. Turn off Chrome extensions.
  5. Reset Google Chrome.

How do I fix Internet connection blocked?

How to Troubleshoot:

  1. Reset your modem and router: Disconnect the cable that connects the computer to the modem. Turn off the modem and the router.
  2. Check firewall and antivirus configurations; follow the steps in this article.
  3. Running Windows Network Diagnostics.
  4. Uninstall VPN if you have any.

How do I fix Google Chrome Privacy error?

How to Fix a Privacy Error in Chrome

  1. See if the site’s SSL certificate is expired.
  2. Reload the page.
  3. Public Wi-Fi network issues.
  4. Clear the browser cache and cookies.
  5. Open the page in Incognito mode.
  6. Check the computer’s date and time.
  7. Disable antivirus software.
  8. Proceed to the website.

Why is Google Chrome blocked on my computer?

The Windows firewall controls Internet access to and from your computer. If you changed the firewall settings, you might have accidentally blocked the browser. When the browser is blocked, all websites accessed through Chrome are blocked as well, so you can’t surf the Web.

How do I fix my blocked Internet connection on Google Chrome?

Chrome Specific Solutions to Fix Blocked Internet Access Issue

  1. Clear the cache. Your blocked internet access can be fixed by clearing the cache and browsing history of your browser.
  2. Reset Chrome.
  3. Delete Chrome Profile.
  4. Allow Chrome to access the Network in your Firewall or Antivirus Settings.
  5. Disable Third-party Extensions.

How do I unblock Google Chrome?

Method 1: Unblock a website from the Restricted sites list

  1. Launch Google Chrome, click the three dots button in the upper right corner, then click Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom and click Advanced.
  3. Under System, click Open proxy settings.
  4. In the Security tab, select Restricted sites then click Sites.

Why is Norton blocking my Internet access?

Fix problem connecting to the Internet after installing Norton device security for Windows. Internet connectivity problem may occur due to various reasons. It can happen due to a temporary problem from your service provider or a problem in your computer that is caused by the firewall.

Is Google Chrome being discontinued?

Regular web apps are still and will be, supported with Chrome, i.e. apps made for the web, not Chrome specifically….Google Chrome App.

Available in English
Launched December 6, 2010
Current status Active, for Chrome OS only (until June 2021); support for other operating systems (Windows, Mac and Linux) discontinued in 2018.

How to fix Norton password manager in chrome?

Click Relaunch option to restart Google Chrome and complete the update. If the problem persists, remove and reinstall the Norton Password Manager extension. Open the Google Chrome browser. On the top-right corner, click Customize and control Google Chrome. From the drop-down menu, select More tools, then select Extensions.

What does error 138 ERR network access denied mean?

Fix: Error 138 ERR_NETWORK_ACCESS_DENIED. The error ERR_NETWORK_ACCESS_DENIED is a Google Chrome Error and it indicates that the website you are trying to access cannot be accessed because it has been denied. In General, this issue usually comes up when a software, or an app blocks the connection. Give yourself a quick recall now; and think

Can you use Google Chrome on a Norton firewall?

It also includes a powerful firewall that can block network traffic, both incoming and outgoing. Most programs installed on your computer will have a specific setting in the Norton 360 firewall that tells Norton whether that program is allowed on the Internet. Google Chrome is included on this list, and should be allowed to access the Web.

How to change Google Chrome to auto on Norton 360?

If you also have multiple Google Chrome listings, you can change each of them to Auto as well. Click the Apply button at the bottom of the window, then click the Close button and close the rest of the open Norton 360 windows. If you are prompted to restart your computer, do so.