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What can I do with a Bobber kit?

What can I do with a Bobber kit?

We build economical, high quality kits that just about anyone can install. Our kits help you change the rear fender (front fender on some bikes), seat, license, lights, handlebars (optional). For that extra WOW factor you can add exhaust wrap and powder coat your stock rims. That’s it! Every part is designed for the specific motorcycle.

What kind of Bobber does a Vulcan 900 have?

It’s straight out of the 50’s. The Avon Speedmaster 5.00-16 mounted to the stock front rim completes it’s old school hot rod look. Is our Vulcan 900 the perfect bobber?

What kind of seat does a Bobber have?

1. Unpainted rear fender with all mounting brackets. 2. Seat with mounting brackets. 3. Lighting (with all mounting brackets including license plate). 4. Pre-drilled drag bars (with risers if necessary). V STAR 650 .

Which is the best bobber on the market?

Spock used logic without emotion. We think Spock would say our Vulcan 900 is the “Perfect Bobber”. fast and extremely fun way to get you all emotional about your ” Perfect Bobber”. The M50 is 800 cc’s of pure fun and excitement. Add our bolt on kits, a little custom paint and rotate the stock handlebar risers.

How to install a blue collar bobber kit?

An easy to follow DVD will show you how to install every piece. Our kits are complete right down to the nuts and bolts. Check out our gallery and customer bikes. You will see an interesting assortment of bikes; some have done custom paint and some have just painted the rear fender to match their stock tanks.

How much does it cost to build a Bobber motorcycle?

All of these bikes can be found around $1000 with a bit of effort and luck and provide an excellent and reliable base for a builder on a budget. How to build a bobber motorcycle?

Can a Harley Davidson be converted to a Bobber?

Bobber. Bobbers are among the most popular oldschool conversions of Harley-Davidson models. Models such as the Cross Bones or Forty-Eight already have very good facilities, but even here, targeted custom measures can significantly improve the look. Traditionally, bobbers roll on small spoke wheels with a large tyre cross-section,