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Is the M54B25 a good engine?

Is the M54B25 a good engine?

The M54 engine is a naturally aspirated inline-6 that was primarily featured in the 2000-2006 E46 3-series, in addition to the Z3/Z4 and X3/X5 models of the time. They are known to be overall great performers, reliable, and tons of fun.

How much horsepower does a M54 have?


Engine Displacement Power
M54B22 2.2 L (2,171 cc) 125 kW (170 PS; 168 hp) at 6,100 rpm
M54B25 2.5 L (2,494 cc) 141 kW (192 PS; 189 hp) at 6,000 rpm
M54B30 3.0 L (2,979 cc) 170 kW (231 PS; 228 hp) at 5,900 rpm
S54B32 3.2 L (3,246 cc) 252 kW (343 PS; 338 hp) at 7,900 rpm

Are M54 engines reliable?

The M54 is the most reliable BMW engine ever built. Here’s why: The camshaft chain drive and the V-belt drive are maintenance-free and designed for the life of the engine. Valve clearances are kept consistent throughout the entire running life of the engine by a self-adjusting hydraulic valve clearance mechanism.

How reliable are E46 engines?

Many consider the E46 to be one of the best-handling cars BMW ever made. Although the E46’s M54 engine suffers the same VANOS and water pump problems as the N52, BMW Tuning reports overall, it’s still a reliable powerplant.

How much power can a S54 engine handle?

Maximum PSI stock S54 DME and stock internal Stage II E46 M3 turbo kit reaches 697 wheel horsepower.

What is the most reliable engine ever made?

So who makes the most reliable engines? Perhaps not surprisingly, it’s the Japanese, with the top spot taken by Honda. Only one in every 344 Honda owners have had engine trouble, with second-placed rival Toyota notching up just one in 171.

Why is BMW so unreliable?

It isn’t the most reliable brand on the market, experiencing issues with their engines, fuel system, non-electrical systems and the axle and suspension. Though many will report these issues, there are also a lot of owners that will state they have had their vehicles for several years and experienced any problems.

What year 335i is most reliable?

The best year for a 335i with the N54 is undoubtedly a 2009.

What kind of engine does a BMW M54B25 have?

M54B25 Engine Specs Specs M54B25 BMW Plant Munich Engine Platform BMW M54 Production 2000-2006 Cylinder Configuration Inline-6

Are there any performance mods for the BMW M54?

Unfortunately, header upgrades for the BMW M54 don’t come without their own flaws. Most M54 headers will remove the cats. High-flow catted systems exist but they can be pricey. Performance gains may also be a little lower with cats as they’re not as free-flowing as catless headers.

Which is the best injector software for an M54 engine?

Conforti Shark Injector Performance Software is a popular choice for the E46 330i and 330ci models with the 3.0L M54. Active Autowerke also makes an excellent tuning option. These tunes will work on just about any M54 engine. The previous link for AA tunes is for the M54 325i and 330i.

What kind of air intake does BMW M54 use?

Performance intakes are commonly known as cold air intakes. The idea of an M54 aftermarket intake is to pull in colder air more efficiently. An M54 intake should ideally use a larger, high flow air filter with smoother straighter ducts.