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Is Acer Aspire 3 worth buying?

Is Acer Aspire 3 worth buying?

The Acer Aspire 3 is Acer’s value orientated laptop. Low price; plenty of performance and features. That’s a simple proposition. You might also want to head to our best laptops under £500 article for more excellent cheap options – or if your budget is more flexible, our general best laptops guide.

Is Acer Aspire 3 i3 good for gaming?

This Acer laptop features a Intel HD Graphics 620 graphics card, an Intel Core i5-7200U CPU and 6 GB of RAM. You get a 15.6 inch screen laptop, which for a gaming setup is midsize. The PC weight is 4.63 lb (2.1 kg). Unfortunately, this laptop won’t run games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, Minecraft, PUBG and GTA V.

Is Acer Aspire 3 a bad laptop?

The Aspire 3 has a truly bad display even by historical standards. To begin with, it has terrible viewing angles that hint at a TN panel (or a very low-quality IPS display), and it’s also low-resolution by modern standards at 1,366 x 768. To put it bluntly, the Aspire 3’s display looks horrible.

Is Aspire 3 an i3?

Third round. The current model has an Intel Core i3-6006U processor and differs only marginally in terms of the price, when compared to the previously reviewed sibling models.

Is Acer Aspire 3 or 5 better?

The Aspire 3 has two USB 2 Type-A, one USB 3 Type-A 5Gbps and no USB-C at all. The Aspire 5 is likewise superior when it comes to wireless connectivity thanks to WiFi to the Aspire 5’s WiFi 5. The Aspire also has the better claimed battery life with 9.5 hours to the Aspire 3’s eight hours.

How long does Acer Aspire 3 last?

The Acer Aspire 3 has a 4,810mAh battery, which is rated to deliver up to 7 hours of runtime. In our heavy Battery Eater Pro test, the laptop ran for 2 hours and 31 minutes, which is decent.

Can Acer Aspire 3 run GTA 5?

The Acer Aspire 3 is an entry-level gaming laptop that should be powerful enough to run GTA 5 on medium settings, FullHD (1080p) resolution. The laptop is powered by an Intel Core i5-1035G1 processor, and it also comes with the Nvidia GeForce MX330 GPU.

Can you play Minecraft on an Acer computer?

If you’re on a tight budget, then the Acer Aspire E 15 ($354) will do fine in handling Minecraft’s basic game and a few choice mods, as well as everyday YouTube viewing.

What is the size of Acer Aspire 3?

Acer Aspire 3 A315-51-3004 is a Windows 10 Home laptop with a 15.60-inch display that has a resolution of 1366×768 pixels. It is powered by a Core i3 processor and it comes with 4GB of RAM. The Acer Aspire 3 A315-51-3004 packs 500GB of HDD storage.

What generation is Acer Aspire 3?

11th Generation
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Processor and memory
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Why is my Acer Aspire 3 so slow?

When your Acer laptop is running extremely slow, it may be caused by malware running in the background — consuming too many system resources (CPU, memory, etc.). Note: it can be Adware that gets injected into your web browser by adding annoying flash ads, for instance.

What is better ASUS or Acer?

– Brand Comparison. ASUS is a better choice than Acer. The only area where Acer is better than ASUS is price – everything else like customer support, design and performance, ASUS is the better option of the two. Plus, for those looking for a gaming laptop, ASUS has a lot more options to choose from.

What kind of processor does Acer Aspire V3 have?

Acer sells the Aspire V3 in a number of configurations, starting with an Intel Core i3-5005U processor and 4GB of RAM. Our review unit had a much more powerful Core i7-5500U with 16GB of RAM.

How big is the Acer Aspire v3-371 subnotebook?

Acer’s Aspire V3-371 is a flat, handy 13.3-inch subnotebook. Theoretically, everything needed to make the device a great home surf station is on board. But does the theory work in practice? Read on to find out. Just recently, we reviewed one of the Aspire’s competitors, the Lenovo M30-70 ( Core i3-4010U , HD Graphics 4400 ).

What kind of graphics does Acer Aspire v3-574g 77×8 have?

Our review unit had a much more powerful Core i7-5500U with 16GB of RAM. Most of the other hardware is common across the lineup, including the Nvidia GeForce 940M graphics, a 15.6-inch full-HD screen, and a 1TB hybrid hard drive with 8GB of flash.

How big is the screen on the Acer Aspire?

The 15.6-inch, 1366×768 TN LG display does the job, and while Acer does have a “Dolby Home Theater” logo, the speakers are terrible, as laptop speakers often are. Karnivool’s Scarabs had zero bass definition and became an ill-defined series of noises as everything seemingly flattened to mid-range.