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How do you adjust a Kelsey brake controller?

How do you adjust a Kelsey brake controller?

“Depress the brake pedal just far enough to illuminate the tow vehicle brake lights. Use a finger to pull the pendulum leveling arm (a small lever on the left side of the unit) toward the front of the Kelsey trailer brake controller and confirm that this makes the control module indicator light glow brightly.

How do you reprogram a trailer brake controller?

How to Adjust Trailer Brake Controller: 6 Steps

  1. Step 1: Plug in the trailer wiring harness.
  2. Step 2: Allow the brake controller to calibrate.
  3. Step 3: Select personal settings.
  4. Step 4: Set the maximum output.
  5. Step 5: Adjust the sensitivity level.
  6. Step 6: Manually activate brakes as needed.

What is energize Kelsey?

The Kelsey Energize brake controller is a standard electric brake controller which the only thing you need to do to remove it is cut the four wires that it uses to install in your vehicle and tape them up and out of the way. There is no need for any type of vacuum pump in regards to the controller.

How does a brake controller know if a trailer is connected?

how does it sense when a trailer is connected? Expert Reply: Aftermarket brake controllers send a small amount of voltage along the brake output wire, if a trailer is connected, the magnets in the brake assemblies will create a power draw. This power draw tells the controller that a trailer is connected.

What is a Kelsey brake controller?

Energize III all electronic brake controller features a patented sensing device that automatically monitors and measures tow vehicle deceleration and applies the trailer brakes in direct proportion. It reacts instantly to any change in brake pedal pressure and ensures controlled, smooth stops.

Can you tow trailer without electric brakes?

Can I tow a trailer with electric brakes without an electric brake controller? No. Especially when towing a load above GTM 2,000kg. In this case, it’s mandatory that these brakes are electric with a compliant electric brake controller fitted.

Can you tow without electric brakes?

The answer is probably likely yes. By law, all vehicles towing more than gross 750kg are required to have trailer brakes installed and considering that most caravans exceed this limit you are legally supposed to have them. Trailers that are also over 2000 kg must have electric brakes.