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How do I pay my IU hospital bill?

How do I pay my IU hospital bill?

Pay your bill with My IU Health Billing Services

  1. Go to and log in or create a My IU Health account.
  2. After you log in, click on “Bill Pay”
  3. Click on “Make a Payment” and complete the payment process.

How do I contact IU Health?

IUHEALTH (1.888. 484.3258) Monday through Friday from 8 am – 4 pm.

Does IU Health have financial assistance?

Financial Assistance Policy IU Health is committed to providing you with medically necessary and emergency care regardless of your ability to pay. Financial assistance is available through IU Health.

Is Methodist Hospital part of IU Health?

Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital is a hospital part of Indiana University Health, located in Indianapolis, state of Indiana, United States. It is the largest hospital in the state of Indiana and one of only three regional Level I Trauma Centers in the state.

How can I check my medical bills?

My Health Record

  1. Visit:
  2. Call the My Health Record Helpdesk on 1800 723 471.

Does IU Health accept Anthem?

As part of this commitment, Anthem announced today that it added Indiana University Health (IU Health) to its preferred list of care providers for its Medicare Advantage HMO and DSNP plans. IU Health is already in-network for Anthem’s Medicare Advantage PPO plan.

How do I file a complaint with IU Health?

You should also be aware that you can lodge a complaint directly with the Indiana State Department of Health by calling 800.246. 8909 or emailing [email protected]

What type of insurance is IU Health?

For 2021, IU Health team members have four medical plan options to choose from, including: two Health Savings Account (HSA)-based plans (HSA Medical Plan and HSA Medical Saver Plan), a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) Medical Plan and a Traditional Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Medical Plan.

Is IU Health a nonprofit?

Indiana University Health, formerly known as Clarian Health Partners, is a nonprofit healthcare system located in the U.S. state of Indiana. It has a partnership with Indiana University School of Medicine. The IU Health system has a total capacity of 2,696 beds.

How many beds does IU Health Methodist have?

IU Health Methodist Hospital/Number of beds

Where can I park at IU Methodist?

Parking Garages

  • For the main hospital: Garage #1, 16th St. and N. Senate Blvd.
  • For the Methodist Professional Center and the Cardiovascular Center at IU Health Methodist Hospital: Garage #2, 1801 N. Senate Blvd.
  • For cancer patients: Valet parking, IU Health Methodist Hospital Noyes Pavilion (18th St. and Capitol Ave.)

How much do I get back from Medicare for specialist visit?

For out-of-hospital services (including consultations with specialists in their rooms), the Medicare rebate is 85 per cent of the schedule fee. Unless your specialist visit is bulk-billed, you’ll be left to the pay the difference between the amount you are reimbursed from Medicare and the original schedule fee.

How does my IU Health billing services work?

(My IU Health Billing Services will provide you with up-to-date account information regarding statements that list you as the guarantor.) Currently, the IU Health patient statement automatically allows our patients to pay the balance in full or a lesser amount. Please refer to your patient statement for this important information.

How to contact IU Health Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis?

Our healthcare team understands that having family and friends around is important to the healing process. For more information or to check on the status of your loved one, call 317.962

When do I get my IU Health EOB Bill?

If your EOB shows a deductible, co-insurance and/or co-payment amount on it, you will receive a bill from IU Health once we’ve received and posted your insurance company’s payment. Why do I have two bills and two co-pays for services that have always been one bill and one co-pay in the past?

Is there a financial assistance policy for IU Health?

Financial Assistance Policy IU Health is committed to providing you with medically necessary and emergency care regardless of your ability to pay. Financial assistance is available through IU Health. Please contact our Individual Solutions team to understand what coverage options are available to you.