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How do I find the HS Code for my product?

How do I find the HS Code for my product?

The HS code for your product will be listed on the commercial invoice a buyer receives with their order. It may be used to classify products upon export and to calculate applicable taxes and duties upon import.

What is your HS Code?

HS Code stands for Harmonised Systems Code and is a description and coding system developed by the World Customs Organization (WCO). The system is used by more than 200 countries as a basis for their own customs tariffs and for international trade statistics.

What is the HS Code for customs?

HS (Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System) codes are product classification codes used by U.S. Customs and all other members of the World Customs Organization (WCO) to classify goods for customs purposes.

How do you classify HS Code?

At the international level, the Harmonized System (HS) for classifying goods is a six-digit code system. The HS comprises approximately 5,300 article/product descriptions that appear as headings and subheadings, arranged in 99 chapters, grouped in 21 sections. The six digits can be broken down into three parts.

What is HS code of a product?

HS Code stands for Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System.. The Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System generally referred to as “Harmonized System” or simply “HS” is a multipurpose international product nomenclature developed by the World Customs Organization (WCO).

What is HS code for shipping?

What is an HS Code? The HS (Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System) Code is a 6–10 digit number that is required for all international shipments. This number is used by customs to identify the products shipped across international borders.

Is HS code same for all countries?

The HS codes have been being used by 98% of Import Export trade all over world. In other words, first six digits of HS code (HTS code) are same in all countries. But countries can add additional digits to categorize and define commodities at more detailed level without modifying or changing first six digits.

How do you classify HS code?

What is HS code example?

The first two digits designate the HS Chapter. The second two digits designate the HS heading. The third two digits designate the HS subheading. HS code 1006.30, for example indicates Chapter 10 (Cereals), Heading 06 (Rice), and Subheading 30 (Semi-milled or wholly milled rice, whether or not polished or glazed).

What is clothing HS Code?

HS Code 40159000 – Articles, apparel, clothing.

How many digits should a HS code be?

six digits
HS Code digits: It starts with the global standard – Harmonised System, or HS code, – which is a minimum of six digits. The UK is using this format since January 2021.

How many numbers is HS code?

6 digits
HS codes are composed of 6 digits and broken down into: Chapters (first 2 digits), Headings (first 4 digits) and Subheadings (full 6 digits). The HS codes are further subdivided into 7- to 12- digit items depending on the country (also referred to as commodity codes and national tariff lines).

How do I find HS code?

You can find the HS Code for your product in the UK with the Tariff Classification tool from .GOV website. The address for this website is – Once you are on this website you will need to find a description that is the closest to your product.

Is HS code the same as tariff code?

Most of us in the trade believe that ITC code and HS code are the same. However, you may read below the distinguish between HS number and ITC number. H.S code system means Harmonized System code. In some countries HS code is also known as HTS (Harmonized Tariff System) .

What is meant by HS code?

HS Code stands for Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System.. This is the common standard worldwide for describing the type of commodity.. Every commodity that enters or crosses most international borders have to be declared to customs by means of this code..

What is HS/HTS Code Search API?

An HS/HTS code search API is a search engine that helps you determine the harmonized system (HS) code of the products you are interested in. These search tools rely on cutting edge artificial intelligence technologies to help classify the products at scale.