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How do I contact American Airlines AAdvantage?

How do I contact American Airlines AAdvantage?

The AAdvantage program, the first frequent traveler program in the industry, began in 1981. Anyone wishing to enroll in the AAdvantage program can do so instantly at any American Airlines or American Eagle ticket counter, online at the website, or by calling 800-433-7300.

What is the phone number for American Airlines Platinum desk?

Representatives are ready to assist you with all your needs. For reservations, upgrade purchases and requests, award claims, AAdvantage account inquiries and customer service, call the Platinum Service Desk at 800.843. 3000.

Is American Airlines customer service 24 hours?

Trips ticketed by our reservations offices, airport ticket counters or travel centers in certain countries or regions are subject to a service charge….Within the U.S. and Canada.

Language Phone Hours (CT)
English 800-433-7300 24 hours
Spanish 800-633-3711 24 hours
French 800-756-8613 7 a.m. – 6 p.m.

What is an elite member on American Airlines?

As an AAdvantage® elite status member, you have complimentary access to Preferred seats (if available) which have standard legroom and are more favorably located throughout the Main Cabin.

Can I cancel my American Airlines flight and get a refund?

We do not refund nonrefundable American Airlines tickets except when the ticket is cancelled within 24 hours of purchase, when we make a schedule change that results in a change of more than 4 hours*, upon the death of a passenger or passenger’s traveling companion or because of military orders.

Does American Airlines have online customer service?

We’re dedicated to providing a positive travel experience for all customers. If you have questions or want to make special travel arrangements, you can make them online or call 800-433-7300.

Is it better to cancel flight or not show up?

If you know you can’t make a scheduled flight, it’s better to cancel your flight rather than be a no-show. If you cancel, you might receive a partial or whole credit for the fare purchased, to be applied to a future flight. But, if you’re a no-show, it’s less likely you’ll be able to recoup any part of the fare.

Is American Airlines elite status worth it?

AAdvantage Platinum Key benefits: Elite status at the Platinum level can be well worth it for travelers who fly at least 30 segments per year with American, and who can also afford to spend at least $4,000 on airfare.

How do you become an AA Elite member?

Earn EQMs, EQSs and EQDs during the calendar year to qualify You’ll be able to qualify for elite status in 2021 with adjusted Elite Qualifying Dollar (EQD), Elite Qualifying Mile (EQM) and Elite Qualifying Segment (EQS) requirements.

What happens if I cancel a non-refundable flight?

Non–refundable fares must be cancelled prior to scheduled departure time. If trying to refund the non-refundable ticket prior to flight departure, the guest will receive a credit in the value of the refund minus any change fee.

How to contact American Airlines AAdvantage account service?

Contact American; AAdvantage customer service; AAdvantage customer service Account service. Call or email AAdvantage ® account service for questions about your account or program benefits. Email AAdvantage ® account service Within the U.S. and Canada. 800-882-8880 or your elite reservation number. Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. (CT)

How to call American Airlines elite status service desk?

To learn more, visit our Admirals Club ® page or call 1-800-237-7971 from the continental U.S., Canada or Puerto Rico. To provide you with the personalized attention you deserve, each AAdvantage ® elite status level has its own service desk. Representatives are available to assist with:

Where do I put my AA elite phone number?

In the meantime, AA is suggesting that elite members ensure that their phone number is listed in their AAdvantage account. That way, the system should automatically recognize your phone number and direct you to the Executive Platinum desk.

How to retain elite status on an AAdvantage card?

Spend on purchases may be combined across all eligible AAdvantage ® credit cards to reach the $15,000 requirement to retain AAdvantage Gold, Platinum, Platinum Pro or Executive Platinum elite status for 2022. The elite status retention offer will not be applied to members if spending an amount less than $15,000.