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How do I complain to three mobile?

How do I complain to three mobile?

It is very easy to make any complaints to 3 mobile.

  1. Go to 3 Mobile chat and talk to a service representative.
  2. Call Three mobile complaints numbers: 333 free from Three mobile phone., Or 0333 338 1001 from any other phone.
  3. If you are calling from abroad to Three complaints team, use: +44 7782 333 333.

How do I email a complaint to three?

Ways to contact customer care If you need to contact customer care you can do so 7 days per week in any of the following ways; By phone, please call: 0330 686 8000 from 08.00 to 22:00. By email, please email: [email protected]. By online chat via from 9:00 to 21:00.

Can I email three?

Please only use email and webchat if you have accessibility needs. This means we can help customers who aren’t able to use our other contact methods. For any other queries, message us through Live Chat on the Three app or find more options on Contact Us.

How do you contact three?

Call us

  1. Personal customers. From your Three phone. 333. From any other phone. 0333 338 1001. From abroad. (standard roaming rates apply)
  2. Mobile Broadband customers. From your Three phone. 500. From any other phone. 0333 338 1003. From abroad.
  3. Business customers. From your Three phone. 337. From any other phone. 0800 033 8033.

Who is the ombudsman for mobile phone companies?

There are two ombudsman services that deal with mobile phone complaints – Cisas and Ombudsman Services: Communications. Find out which one your mobile provider belongs to, as this will be the one you’ll need to use to escalate your complaint.

Is calling 333 free?

0333 numbers are charged at the same rate as to any landline. This is the same for all 03 numbers, as regulated by Ofcom – and is true regardless of whatever method you use to call up. Several variations on 0333 numbers do exist.

Which ombudsman does 3 belong to?

The agreement means that Ombudsman Services: Communications will continue to independently handle and investigate unresolved complaints made by Three customers. Chris Green, head of commercial at Ombudsman Services, said: “We’re delighted that Three has decided to continue its relationship with us.”

What can you complain to Ofcom about?

You can complain to Ofcom about any content covered by its Broadcasting Code – this means most programmes broadcast on TV and radio and some video-on-demand services. Complaints about broadcast advertising are handled on Ofcom’s behalf by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

What is 3 customer care number?

Contact us at or by calling 1913 to report your phone as lost or stolen.

Is 3 customer service free?

Three. * Free, unless you’re on one of our new Essential Plans, in which case it will come out of any available minutes allowance or charged at your out of allowance rate of 35p per minute. ** Standard call rate applies. *** Standard roaming costs apply.

How do I complain to the mobile Ombudsman?

The best way to contact the Ombudsman Services: Communications is by using its online complaint form . If you have questions or would like to speak to someone you can call 0330 440 1614 or email at [email protected].

Are 0844 numbers free?

Calls to numbers beginning 0800 and 0808 are free from all landlines and mobiles. Yep, free! However, numbers such as 0844, 0845, 0870 and 0871 are more costly to ring, whether you’re calling from a landline or mobile. This number will usually begin +44 1 or +44 2 and is charged like a normal landline.

How to complain about three mobile in UK?

The official ways of the Three UK customer complaints code: Online form; Write to Three UK customer services: Three Customer Complaints Hutchison 3G UK Ltd. PO Box 333 Glasgow G2 9AG (I wonder if this actually works) Call them: 333 free from a Three mobile 0843 373 3333 (5p/min from a BT landline,

What is the phone number for three mobile?

There are 6 ways to reach Three Mobile across 2 communication modes: phone, web. In case you didn’t realize there was an alternative, the best phone number for Three Mobile customer support is 07782-333333. With our free tools, you can check out the current wait time for Three Mobile and use our Have Them Call Me Instead tool.

How long does it take to complain to three phone?

Standard rates apply on all numbers except 333, which you can call for free from your Three phone on all Advanced plans. We have an online form you can use to let us know about your complaint. We answer most complaints within 7 working days, but it can sometimes take longer.

Is there an email address for the CEO of 3?

Does anyone have an email address or contact name at 3 for a CEO or someone I can send a complaint to that will do something about it. Not the standard customer service one as all you get from that is an automated reply. Cannot believe it.