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How big is the Mirbeau Inn and spa?

How big is the Mirbeau Inn and spa?

Mirbeau Inn & Spa is residential in character, artistically designed, small, warm and cozy feeling with fireplaces in all of the rooms. A soothing, 15,000 sq.ft. Spa Mirbeau is the emotional heart of the property. A unique Bistro & Wine Bar is there for romantic dinners and fun social gatherings.

When to check in for spa treatments at Mirbeau?

All Spa Guests and Resort Guests are required to check in at the Spa Desk upon arrival and upon departure. For treatments scheduled 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM please arrive no more than 1 hour prior to ensure the enjoyment of the spa amenities for all guests.

Is there outside alcohol at Mirbeau Inn Plymouth?

No outside alcohol is permitted. The centerpiece of Mirbeau Inn & Spa Plymouth is the award-winning, 16,500-square-foot Spa Mirbeau. This state-of-the-art facility features: Our Resting Area is a quiet oasis meant for personal reflection, private meditation, and rest.

Where is the Mirbeau Inn in Rhinebeck NY?

The first Spa Mirbeau opened in 2017 in the super regional Crossgates Mall just outside of Albany, NY and has become the dominant day spa in the Capital District. The newest Mirbeau Inn & Spa opened in the fall of 2019 in the picturesque and historic Village of Rhinebeck, NY.

Is there a Mirbeau Inn in Plymouth MA?

In the summer of 2014, the second Mirbeau Inn & Spa opened in Plymouth, MA, in the Boston-South Shore area. The property has become the ultimate spa getaway on the South Shore, with guests coming from Boston and all over New England.

What is the purpose of Mirbeau day resort?

The new Spa Mirbeau day resort concept provides a location for guests to get-a-way, relax and enjoy the Mirbeau sense of sanctuary and peace for a few hours or for the entire day and then return home.