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Does Storyblocks have a student discount?

Does Storyblocks have a student discount?

At this time Storyblocks does not offer any discounts or promotions, including student discounts. If you’re a teacher or professor interested in creating a Storyblocks account for your classroom, school, or university, our Enterprise team offers Education plans to meet your needs. You can request a quote here!

Is Storyblocks safe?

In my opinion, StoryBlocks is a great platform for anyone looking for a quality stock video, audio and photo at a fraction of the regular cost. I use it all the time for all of my projects and so far I have only good things to say about it.

Who owns Storyblocks?

Great Hill Partners
StoryBlocks was bought out by Great Hill Partners on Jun 25, 2020 .

Is Storyblocks copyright free?

Our content is 100% royalty-free and you are licensed to use our tracks on both commercial and non-commercial projects worldwide in perpetuity, including YouTube videos.

How do you search on Storyblocks?

You can find your Favorites in the top, right-hand corner of your browser. Click on the heart, and you’ll see a list of your Favorites folders. You can scroll through them or start typing to search through folders or add a new one.

How do you download from Storyblocks?

Step 1: Open your web browser and then open the Storyblocks website. Now, choose the video that you want to download. Step 2: Now, select the web address of that video from the location bar of your browser. Step 3: After that, copy the web address of the video that you wish to download.

How much money can you make from Storyblocks?

Your Earnings with Storyblocks Now Storyblocks (images including photos, vectors and illustrations): $9,99 per download – $3,99 from members. Royalty rate: $4,99 – $1,99 per sale. Videoblocks (video including footage, effects templates and graphics): HD $79 per clip and $49 for members.

Can you make money on Storyblocks?

Join a select group of artists who license their creative work through Storyblocks. It’s a simple, unrestrictive way to earn extra cash for your footage, animations, and After Effects templates. As our subscription revenue grows, the total earnings available to contributors grows, too.

How much does VideoBlocks cost?

The Basic Video plan cost $19 per month ($8.25 per month or $99 per year if you purchase annual membership). This plan includes 5 video downloads per month. HD footage is also included, but 4K and After Effects templates are not.

Where is Storyblocks based?

Arlington, VA
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Type Private
Founded 2009
HQ Arlington, VA, US

Is it legal to use stock images?

But are stock images free to use? A big and resounding NO. The photographer or author of a stock photo makes it available for licensing, meaning you can pay a fee to get the right to use it in your designs legally.

Do you need permission to use stock images?

Do i need the permission of the photographer to use his photo on my website? When using a stock photo from a stock photography agency, permission directly from the photographer is not required. The stock photography agency obtains the legal agreement from the photographer .