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Can you snuba in Hawaii?

Can you snuba in Hawaii?

An underwater Maui experience you will never forget. Snuba Diving is the perfect cross between snorkeling and scuba diving in Maui, Hawaii. Snuba allows you to safely explore the three-dimensional underwater world without having to get certified, have previous experience or strapping a cumbersome air tank to your back.

How deep can you dive with a snuba?

20 feet
How deep can you go when SNUBA® diving? Keeping in mind that the air hose which is attached to the SNUBA® raft carries the oxygen, you can dive to a maximum depth of 20 feet (6 metres), which is the length of the hose, during your SNUBA® expedition.

Is snuba better than snorkeling?

Snuba diving allows for more room for exploration than snorkeling. Plus, going snuba diving is less of a hassle than getting scuba certifications! These floating tanks are much easier to swim with opposed to the cumbersome air tanks scuba diving requires.

Is Kauai good for diving?

For more relaxing diving, Kauai’s south shores offer diversified sites for all experience levels. Since Kauai is exposed to large swells, its coral formations are not as plentiful as in other Hawaiian islands; it compensates with its rich ecosystems and unique underwater terrain.

How much does it cost to Snuba?


SNUBA® only $109
Child SNUBA® (Ages 8 – 12 SNUBA® only) $89
Snorkel / Ride Along $60
Rash Guard $30

Can you get the bends from SNUBA?

Snuba minimizes many of the risks of scuba diving (“unlikely” to be out of air, nearly impossible to get bent, etc), but there is one risk that it most certainly does not greatly alleviate, that being barotrauma.

Do you need certification to SNUBA?

Popularity. The snuba system was devised in 1989 by California diver Michael Stafford. Snuba is also popular because no certification or prior dive experience is required. Participants need only to be at least eight years of age, have a basic swimming ability, and be comfortable in the water.

Does SNUBA hurt your ears?

My ears hurt when I dive down while snorkeling or swimming in a pool, will they hurt when I SNUBA®? Usually, people’s ears hurt when they dive down while snorkeling or swimming in a pool because they DO NOT equalize their ears. We teach you how to equalize your ears to keep them comfortable throughout the dive.

Which side of Kauai is best for snorkeling?

Poipu Beach: Best spot is right of Nukomoi Point. A rock jetty also has a safe snorkeling area. Lawai Beach: Next to the Beach House restaurant and one of the most popular snorkel places on the South Shore Kauai.

Which Hawaiian island is best for scuba diving?

There is no best Hawaiian island for scuba diving — every island packs its own flavor. The Big Island offers the greatest number of dive sites, as well as sweeping biodiversity on reef dives, from manta rays to nudibranchs. The island of Kauai delivers the biggest numbers of green sea turtles.

Do you need a license to SNUBA?