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Who plays Rosie Waterloo Road?

Who plays Rosie Waterloo Road?

Georgia Henshaw

Georgia Henshaw
Born 11 July 1993 Swansea, Wales
Nationality Welsh
Occupation Actress
Years active 2004–present

What happened to Mika Grainger Waterloo Road?

Mika’s last appearence in Waterloo Road was at the end of Series 3, when a huge gas explosion occured in the school canteen, and left a group of students and teachers trapped inside the school, including Chlo and their stepdad’s girlfriend, Davina Shackleton .

Why did Lewis Seddon leave Waterloo Road?

Lewis was expelled from Waterloo Road after he sexually harassed Kim Campbell. The expulsion was reduced to a 15-day suspension on appeal, but his mother decided to withdraw him from school after they received hate mail from angry pupils and parents.

How old is Katie Griffiths?

32 years (April 6, 1989)
Katie Griffiths/Age

Where did Steph go in Waterloo Road?

She is now the head of Pastoral Care, after former head of Pastoral Care Kim Campbell went to work in Rwanda with Andrew Treneman. However, at the beginning of the second half of the series, she was in France with Tom Clarkson filling in for her.

Does Simon find out about Sue Hector?

Waterloo Road’s deputy head Simon Lowsley is left devastated in tonight’s episode (December 10) as he discovers that his wife Sue has been cheating on him with their colleague and friend Hector Reid.

Does Mika get pregnant in Waterloo Road?

Brett and Mika return to Waterloo Road closer than ever as a couple for their final year of school. Mika is relieved that she is not pregnant but Brett is disappointed as he was beginning to get used to the idea of having a baby.

Does Chlo get pregnant in Waterloo Road?

She was born in the 18th episode of the 4th Season of Waterloo Road. Chlo took the pregnancy test 5 times just to make sure. With the midwife, Donte and Miss Campbell at her side, Chlo was forced to give birth to their baby in the girls toilets, as the baby was breach.

Who Killed Adam Waterloo Road?

Wiki Targeted (Entertainment)

Adam Deardon
Cause/Reason Killed in a limousine crash caused by Donte Charles and Chlo Grainger
Born 1991
Died 2006

Does Sambuca Kelly died in Waterloo Road?

Named after her mum’s favourite drink, Sambuca is essentially a good kid who often finds herself drawn into trouble by the tough Waterloo Road environment….Wiki Targeted (Entertainment)

Sambuca Kelly
Cause/Reason Died of brain cancer
Born 1995
Died 2011

What happens to CHLO in Waterloo Road?

It is revealed that a drunk Chlo climbed onto Donte and obscured his view of the road, which lead to the crash. When she refuses to take the blame for Donte, they break up, however reconcile later on. In court, Donte is found guilty by the judge, despite Chlo’s best efforts in admitting the truth.

Who plays CLO Granger?

REMEMBER Chlo Grainger from Waterloo Road? The sassy teenager – played by Katie Griffiths – starred in the first four series of the show before graduating and moving on in 2009.

Who are the actors in the TV series Waterloo Road?

Series cast summary: Philip Martin Brown Grantly Budgen 159 episodes, 2006-2015 Jason Done Tom Clarkson 154 episodes, 2006-2013 Chelsee Healey Janeece Bryant 103 episodes, 2006-2012 Denise Welch Steph Haydock 79 episodes, 2006-2010 Melanie Hill Maggie Budgen / 79 episodes, 2012-20

When did Angela from Waterloo Road leave the show?

Since leaving Waterloo Road for good in 2010 (she took a break at the end of 2007, returning in 2009), Angela has starred in a number of TV dramas including Netflix’s White Lines, ITV’s Lewis and Midsomer Murders. She’s also starred on the stage in One Man, Two Guvnors alongside James Corden.

Who was Kate in the first series of Waterloo Road?

Jill won the first series of Strictly Come Dancing in 2004, while she was playing Kate on EastEnders. Since leaving Waterloo Road Jill has taken on a number big TV roles. Most recently, she starred in ITV’s epic drama Liar. Katie played Chlo from series 1 to 4.

Who is Denise from Waterloo Road in real life?

Despite her reputation as a bit of a gossip, Steph’s big heart and caring nature saw her take in troubled student Maxine Barlow. Denise has stared in a number of other TV shows and soaps including Byker Grove, Coronation Street and Holby City, and is a regular on the Christmas Pantomime circuit.