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Who is Ravi Pillai daughter?

Who is Ravi Pillai daughter?

Arathi Ravi Pillai
B. Ravi Pillai/Daughters
Ravi Pillai is married to Geetha, and they live in Bahrain. They have two children, a son Ganesh Ravi Pillai, and a daughter Arathi Ravi Pillai.

Which is the most expensive wedding in Kerala?

NRI businessman Ravi Pillai spent Rs 55 crore on his daughter Dr Arathi Ravi Pillai’s wedding to Adithya Vishnu, a Kochi-based doctor at the Asramam grounds in Kollam on Thursday. With a net worth of $2.8 billion (Rs 18,200 crore), B Ravi Pillai is one of the richest Keralites.

Who is doctor Ravi Pillai in Kerala?

Indian-born farmer’s son, Ravi Pillai migrated to Saudi Arabia after his small construction business in his native Kerala state went bust. With help from a well-connected local partner, he started over in 1978 and built his RP Group into a $7.8 billion (revenue) construction heavyweight.

What is the business of Ravi Pillai?

He is popularly known as the “Ambani of the Gulf”. Mr Ravi Pillai is the founder MD of the construction giant of the gulf, Naseer S Al Hajri Corporation, based at Bahrain. With more than 60,000 people working for him, Mr Pillai has the biggest Indian workforce in Saudi.

What is the net worth of Ravi Pillai?

2.5 billion USD (2021)
B. Ravi Pillai/Net worth

What is RP Group of companies?

A diversified business group employing over 100,000 people across 8 industries: Construction & Infrastructure, Real Estate, Hotels & Hospitality, Travel & Tourism, Healthcare, Education, Information Technology and Trading & Retail.

Is Ravi Pillai a billionaire?

Ravi Pillai is the founder of RP Group of companies, he is one of the richest Kerala NRIs and is on Forbes list of India’s richest.

Who is the richest man in the Kerala?

MA Yusuff Ali
MA Yusuff Ali-the richest Malayali The title of the richest Malayali once again went to Lulu Group Chairman MA Yusuff Ali. Yusuff Ali’s assets have soared from $445 crore to $480 crore. He is the 26th richest Indian and 589th globally.

Who is the richest kid in India?

1. Anant Ambani. Anant Ambani might have come from a wealthy family, but he has pioneered his path and fought numerous challenges along the way. He is the youngest child of India’s billionaire Mukesh Ambani.

Who is the owner of Rp mall?

Dr. B. Ravi Pillai
RP Mall, Kollam

A distant view of RP Mall, Kollam
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Address Off Chinnakada
Opening date 2012
Owner RP Group (owned by Dr. B. Ravi Pillai)

Who owns raviz hotel?

Ravi Pillai, Chairman & CEO, RP Group of Companies. Guided by the philosophy of our Chairman and CEO, the Raviz Group has set out on a course to present the traditions, culture and hospitality of Kerala to the visiting traveler on a platter.

Who are the parents of Ravi Pillai’s children?

Ravi Pillai is married to Geetha, and they live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. They have two children, a son Ganesh Ravi Pillai, and a daughter Arathi Ravi Pillai.

When is the wedding of B Ravi Pillai?

This will be followed by the wedding at Asramam Maidan on November 26 and a reception at a luxury hotel on November 28. The festivities will feature performances and appearances by local film stars. The menu for the wedding comprises a traditional sadhya with 10 payasams.

What kind of hotels does Ravi Pillai own?

RP Group is known to hold stakes in hotels such as Leela Kovalam, Hotel Raviz, Kollam, and WelcomHotel Raviz Kadavu, Kozhikode in his home state of Kerala. He is involved in health care through Upasana Hospital and Research Centre, a 300-bed multispecialty hospital in Kollam.,