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Where can I adopt a Golden Retriever puppy?

Where can I adopt a Golden Retriever puppy?

The easiest way to adopt a Golden Retriever would be through a rescue that specializes in Golden Retrievers. A great place to start would be by starting a breed search on The search will show you all the available Golden Retrievers in your area.

What age can you adopt a Golden Retriever?

Leave a puppy with its mother and litter-mates until it’s 8 weeks of age and then you can take him or her home to live with you. Yes, 8 weeks old is the recommended perfect time to take a puppy away from its mother and litter-mates and home with you to live.

Why are Golden Retriever puppies so expensive?

These beautiful dogs can also be great therapy dogs because of their affectionate nature. A well trained Golden Retriever service dog can cost up to $25,000. This hefty price is a result of the rigorous training that these dogs need to go through to perform their job and the highquality care that they receive.

Do golden retrievers bark a lot?

Barking is a form of canine communication and it is an extremely popular way Golden Retrievers communicate. The most common reason that Golden Retrievers bark is because they want attention. In fact, most times they bark because they are trying to get your attention.

Is a golden retriever a good first dog?

, Doberman rescue volunteer, “dog mom” to many dogs over the years. Generally speaking, yes, a Golden Retriever is a good first dog. While there are exceptions, your typical Golden is amiable, eager to please, soft mouthed, trainable, affectionate, tolerant, and good with respectful children.

Do Golden Retrievers make good pets?

The Golden Retriever is an excellent family pet that is good with children and other pets. This breed is an appropriate choice for a first pet provided that the owner is capable of managing a dog of this size and strength.

Are golden retrievers good family dogs?

Golden Retrievers are very good family dogs because they extremely sweet and gentle with young children and do not bark very much. They are known for having a “soft mouth,” and some have even been seen carrying raw eggs in their mouth without breaking them.

Are golden retrievers the smartest dogs?

Labrador Retrievers, like Golden Retrievers, are also considered one of the smartest dog breeds around. They learn quickly and are eager for the interaction that training provides. But their high energy level may interfere with their ability to focus and concentrate on training.