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What train line is Gidea Park on?

What train line is Gidea Park on?

Great Eastern Main Line
Gidea Park railway station is on the Great Eastern Main Line, serving the neighbourhood of Gidea Park in the London Borough of Havering, east London. It is 13 miles 41 chains (21.7 km) down the line from London Liverpool Street and is situated between Romford and Harold Wood.

Is Gidea Park on Crossrail?

Network Rail has started work on significant improvements to Gidea Park station to prepare it for the arrival of Crossrail. The station recently became part of the Transport for London (TfL) network and upgrades will include: Platform extensions to accommodate the new 200m long Crossrail trains.

Where does Crossrail start and finish?

The Elizabeth line will run from Reading and Heathrow in the west, through 42km of new tunnels under London to Shenfield and Abbey Wood in the east. The new railway, operated by Transport for London, will be fully integrated with London’s existing transport network.

What stations will be on Crossrail?


  • Paddington station. A modern take on a Victorian icon More…
  • Bond Street station. A modern classical approach More…
  • Tottenham Court Road station. Striking contrasts More…
  • Farringdon station. Celebrating craftsmanship More…
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  • Whitechapel station.

What line is Romford station on?

Romford railway station is an interchange station on the Great Eastern Main Line, serving the town of Romford in the London Borough of Havering, east London. It is 12 miles 30 chains (19.9 km) down the line from London Liverpool Street and is situated between Chadwell Heath and Gidea Park.

Which zone is Harold Wood?

Harold Wood to London Underground Zone 1-6 by train

Distance miles ( km)
Departure station Harold Wood
Arrival station London Underground Zone 1-6

How fast will Elizabeth Line be?

The new high-speed Elizabeth Line will cut most journey times by half and some journeys will be five times quicker. How quicker will a Crossrail journey be? From Paddington to Tottenham Court Road, which usually takes 20 minutes, the journey time will be just four minutes and just three minutes to Bond Street.

Can I use Oyster card in Romford?

Remember you can only use Oyster Cards to pay as you go when your journey is entirely within the Oyster Pay as you go area. If you are travelling from, for example, Romford to Southend, do not touch in with your Oyster Card at Romford as you will have no means of touching out when you arrive at Southend.

Can I use Oyster at Romford station?

Ticket gates at Romford continue to be unable to read Oyster cards of any type, including pre-paid tickets.

Is Harold Wood Station Oyster card?

Are Oyster cards issued at Harold Wood station? Yes, Oyster cards are issued at this station.

Are there any trains from Shenfield to Gidea Park?

At peak times 12 Elizabeth line services an hour will run between Shenfield and central London, calling at all stations. An additional four services an hour will run between Gidea Park and the existing Liverpool Street station, westwards in the morning peak and eastwards in the evening peak.

Is there a train from Havering to Gidea Park?

Gidea Park in a Travelcard Zone 6 station in the borough of Havering, just 13 miles and 27 minutes from London Liverpool Street. The station opened in 1910 as as Gidea Park & Squirrels Heath, and has been serving local commuters for over 100 years – it’s set to get even busier in 2019, when Gidea Park is incorporated into the Crossrail network.

How many platforms does Gidea Park railway station have?

The station consisted of two island platforms with access via a footbridge, giving four platform faces despite the line being of two tracks beyond the station environs.

Is there a wheelchair lift at Gidea Park?

Crossrail, together with Network Rail and Transport for London (TfL), have worked on Gidea Park station to prepare for the start of the Elizabeth line services. A wheelchair lift on the footbridge (between the ticket office and the main lifts) will be opening soon.