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What should a high schoolers resume look like?

What should a high schoolers resume look like?

It should include the following:Your basic information: name, address, phone and email.Education: high school name and address, graduation date, class rank, GPA, specific courses.Activities: extracurricular in and out of school.Community service: in and out of school. Work experience: any summer or school-year jobs.

What is the easiest job for a 16 year old?

Easy Jobs for 16-Year-OldsHouse Sitter. People don’t like to leave their house alone when they go on vacation or for a long business trip. Pet Sitter. Do you like animals, then working as a pet sitter might be for you. Amusement Park Ride Operator. Carnival Game Attendant. Lot Attendant. Event Ticket Taker. Actor at a Renaissance Fair. Gift Wrapper.

How can a 16 year old make money online fast?

16 Best Online Jobs For TeensComplete Online Surveys.Watch Ads for Money.Get Paid For Reviewing Songs.Sell Stuff Online.Do Data Entry Work.Become a Call Reviewer.Become an English Tutor.Work as a Customer Service Rep.

How can a teenager make $1000?

27 Ways to Make a Thousand Dollars As a Teen You Hadn’t Thought OfMake an App. I know this one sounds impossible — but it’s not. Photograph an Event. Get a Music Gig. Tutor Friends. Get Paid for your Design Skills. Make Money Organizing Events. Sell at a Farmers Market Stand. Start a Computer/Phone Service Company.

How can I make money at the age of 16?

How to Make Money as a TeenagerSell Stuff at School. This is one of the best ways to make money as a teenager. Take Surveys. Get Paid to Search the Web and Play Games. Start a Youtube Channel. Sell Your Old Stuff. Install These Apps. Tutor. Learn a Profitable Skill.