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What movies take place on Easter?

What movies take place on Easter?

Here Are the Best Movies To Watch on Easter Sunday

  • Cookie’s Fortune (1999) In Cookie’s Fortune, Robert Altman created a heartwarming Easter comedy that doubles as a murder mystery.
  • Harvey (1950)
  • Irving Berlin’s Easter Parade (1948)
  • Jesus Christ Superstar (1973)
  • Rebel Without a Cause (1955)
  • The Ten Commandments (1956)

Are there any Easter movies for kids?

25 Best Easter Movies for Kids to Put on After the Egg Hunt Is…

  • of 25. It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown.
  • of 25. Peter Rabbit.
  • of 25. Hop.
  • of 25. The Dog Who Saved Easter.
  • of 25. The Prince of Egypt.
  • of 25. Joseph: King of Dreams.
  • of 25. The Ten Commandments.
  • of 25. The New Adventures of Peter Rabbit.

What Easter movies are on Netflix?

The 8 Best Easter Movies on Netflix That Will Entertain Everyone

  • Hop. Netflix.
  • God Bless the Broken Road. Netflix.
  • The Gospel of John. Netflix.
  • Joseph: King of Dreams. Netflix.
  • Come Sunday. Netflix.
  • Faith, Hope, & Love. Netflix.
  • An Interview With God. Netflix.
  • Monty Python’s Life of Brian. Netflix.

What films are on TV over Easter 2021?

The Sunday film choices – some Easter themed, others less so:

  • Back to the Future, 6:50pm, Sky One.
  • Grease, 5:55pm, Channel 4.
  • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, 5:15pm, Channel 5.
  • Hop, 1:20pm, ITV2.
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, 3:20pm, ITV.
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, 3:15pm, ITV2.
  • The Simpsons Movie, 3:40pm, Channel 4.

What films are on over Easter 2020?


  • Ice Age, 12:50pm, Film4.
  • Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, 2.35pm, ITV.
  • Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, 2.55pm, Channel 4.
  • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, 4:35PM, BBC One.
  • Shrek, 5.15pm, ITV2.
  • Bumblebee, 5:45pm, Channel 4.
  • Spectre, 8pm, ITV2.
  • Pretty Woman, 10pm, Channel 5.

What Easter movies are on Disney plus?

Here’s just a few examples of the Easter and springtime themed movies on Disney Plus.

  • ‘Onward’ Source: disney plus.
  • ‘Stargirl’ Source: disney plus.
  • ‘Tangled’ Source: disney plus.
  • ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Source: disney plus.
  • ‘Hercules’ Source: disney plus.
  • ‘Freaky Friday’
  • ‘The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh’
  • ‘Fantasia’

What is there to do on Easter 2021?

25 Best Easter Activities for a Memorable Day the Whole Family Will Enjoy

  • of 25. Have an Easter Egg Hunt.
  • of 25. Dye Easter Eggs.
  • of 25. Enjoy an Easter Brunch.
  • of 25. Visit the Easter Bunny.
  • of 25. Make Easter Baskets.
  • of 25. Make Hot Cross Buns.
  • of 25. Decorate With Easter Lilies.
  • of 25. Plant Flowers.

Is the Easter Bunny dead?

After a frank conversation with my youngest it became painfully clear that the truth is, in our house, the Easter Bunny is officially dead. …

What should I watch on Easter weekend?

  • Hop. Amazon.
  • The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965)
  • The Dog Who Saved Easter (2014)
  • Jesus Christ Superstar (1973) STREAM NOW
  • It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown (1974)
  • Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade. Amazon.
  • Irving Berlin’s Easter Parade (1948)
  • Son of God (2014)

Where can I watch free Easter movies?

Tubi streaming service acquired by FOX Viewers can watch anything from retro TV shows to Hollywood blockbusters, all completely free. LOS ANGELES – Easter is April 4, and it’s an “egg-cellent” time to watch free-to-stream movies featuring the Sunday holiday.

Are there any Easter movies that are about Easter?

Though this animated film stars the poster-bunny for Easter, it isn’t exactly about the holiday itself. But that’s OK! Turn on this adorable movie starring bunnies, pigs and badgers and the kids will forget it’s not about Easter in five seconds.

Who is the voice of the Easter Bunny?

The Easter bunny has a teenage son, E.B., in this adorable animated film! Voiced by Russell Brand, it’s no coincidence that E.B. is an aspiring rockstar who moves to L.A. to pursue his passion. You might recognize some other famous voices, too —David Hasselhoff , Kaley Cuoco and James Marsden fill out the cast.

Who is the voice of Zeus in the Easter egg movie?

Mario Lopez voices Zeus, a caring canine who takes on the job of saving Easter when three criminals threaten to destroy it. A little-known animated movie featuring the voice of Brooke Shields, The Easter Egg Adventure is based on the children’s book, The Easter Egg Escapade.

Who is the Easter Bunny in the movie Hop?

Blending state-of-the-art animation with live action, Hop tells the comic tale of Fred, an out-of-work slacker who accidentally injures the Easter Bunny and must take him in as he recovers. As Fred struggles with the world’s worst house guest, both will learn what it takes to finally grow up.