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What is there to do on Route 118?

What is there to do on Route 118?

After defeating your father Norman in the Normal-type Petalburg Gym, you can Surf east from Mauville City to Route 118.

  • Catch Pokémon.
  • Battle Trainers.
  • Explore.

What Pokemon are on Route 118 in Omega Ruby?

Route 118

Pokemon Area Version(s)
Linoone.jpg Linoone Grass Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire
Wingull.jpg Wingull Grass Water Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire
Pelipper.jpg Pelipper Grass Water Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire
Magikarp.jpg Magikarp Water Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire

Can you get a Carvanha with an old Rod?

Carvanha can be caught with the Good Rod or Super Rod in ORAS. It can be caught on Route 118 and 119.

Where do you get the good rod Alpha Sapphire?

Key Items

Name Location
Good Rod Fisherman on the east side of Route 118
Gracidea Route 123 Berry Master’s House
Mach Bike Mauville City Bike Shop
Mega Bracelet Route 118 given to you by Steven

Where is the good rod in hoenn?

The good rod can be obtained from the fisherman on the right side of the river on Route 118, it will let you catch Pokémon up to level 30.

What is Breloom hidden ability?

Poison Heal. Technician (hidden ability)

Where is the good rod in sapphire?

The good rod is found on route 118 by the fisherman by the shore. The super rod is found in mossdeep city, in the house north of the space centre.

Can Sharpedo learn dive?

Sharpedo can learn Surf, Waterfall, Dive, Cut, Strength, and Rock Smash. It can even move twice as fast as other Pokemon while surfing.

What’s the name of the route in Hoenn?

Hoenn Route 118. Route 118 (Japanese: 118番道路 Route 118) is a route in central Hoenn, connecting Mauville City, Route 119, and Route 123.

Where is the intersection in Hoenn Route 118?

Heading north from the intersection, a four-way intersection allows access to the upper areas that overlook the main path of Route 118. To the west is another Trainer, a small area of grass, and a soft soil patch containing two Sitrus Berry plants. To the east is yet another grass patch and a Hyper Potion.

Where to find heart scale in Hoenn Route 118?

Items Item Location Games Heart Scale Western side, in a rock on the beach (hi R S E OR AS Stardust Western side, at the northmost point of OR AS Iron Eastern side, in a rock on the eastern b R S E OR AS Good Rod Eastern side, from a Fisherman on the be R S E OR AS

Where does the music change in Hoenn Route 118?

The music changes depending on whether the player is in the route’s eastern part (where the music is Route 119) or the western part (where the music is Route 110 ).