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What is the maximum gold storage?

What is the maximum gold storage?

Gold Storage

Level Storage Capacity:
6 45,000 12,000
7 100,000 25,000
8 225,000 50,000
9 450,000 100,000

What is the maximum capacity of the highest level gold storage?

The June 22, 2020 increased the maximum storage capacity at higher levels for returned resources stolen in attacks. The April 12, 2021 update added the level 15 Elixir Storage and increased the loot cap from 550k to 600k.

What is the max level for a gold mine?

Gold Pass modifiers

Level Capacity Build Cost
6 20,000 7,000
7 30,000 14,000
8 50,000 28,000
9 75,000 56,000

What is the max elixir storage for th9?

Elixir Storage

Level Storage Capacity: TH
9 450,000 5
10 850,000 6
11 1,750,000 7
12 2,000,000 11

What is a gold builder?

The Gold Storage stores Builder Gold, a resource which is used for constructing and upgrading buildings in the Builder Base. The Gold Storage is still entirely functional when upgrading. The Gold Storage stores the same amount of Builder Gold as Builder Elixir in Elixir Storages of equal level.

How do you get gold in Builder Hall?

Who gets the most stars or, in case of draw, the highest percentage of destruction on the rival village, gets the reward that results in large amounts of free Gold and Elixir. The reward of gold and elixir varies according to the amount of trophies you have won: more trophies, more loot won.

Is there a town hall 14?

Clash of Clans Town Hall 14 has finally been revealed, via a new trailer published by Supercell on Tuesday morning. The new base center features poison abilities and a brand-new jungle-themed design. There’s a lot you might have missed in the 30-second clip embedded above, so we’ll digest the footage for you.

How much is the COC Gold Pass?

The Gold Pass can be purchased for $4.99. It is not a subscription so if you want to unlock the Gold Pass rewards of a specific month, you need to obtain that month’s Gold Pass access.

How long does it take for a gold mine to fill?

On average, it takes between 10-20 years before a gold mine is even ready to produce material that can be refined.

How fast does the gem mine produce?

At max level, it produces 4.8 Gems per day. In a longer prospective, a max level Gem Mine will generate 1,752 Gems in one non-leap year, and 1,756.8 Gems in a leap-year.

What happens when you get dark elixir without a storage?

Dark Elixir Storages remain fully functional while being upgraded, like all other storages. If a player manages to obtain Dark Elixir without the ability to store it, they will be lost. However they still give credit toward the Heroic Heist Achievement.

How long does dark barracks take to build?

Dark Barrack

Level Cost Build Time
2 600,000 0 days 16 hours
3 900,000 1 day
4 1,300,000 1 days 12 hours
5 2,000,000 2 days

What’s the maximum amount of gold you can store in Clash of clans?

The December 9, 2019 update added the level 14 Gold Storage and increased storage capacity of level 13 Gold Storage at 500,000. The same update increased the loot cap at TH12 from 450k to 500k. The June 22, 2020 increased the maximum storage capacity at higher levels for returned resources stolen in attacks.

What happens when gold storage is at maximum?

When the Gold Storage is at maximum level, or the Builder Hall requirements for the next level are not met, this icon is not shown. Tapping this icon, which is displayed only while an upgrade is in progress, instantly finishes that upgrade at the cost of the displayed number of Gems.

When did the gold storage in Builder Base come out?

The Gold Storage in Builder Base was added in May 22 2017 update, with 5 levels. The June 27 2017 update added the level 6 Gold Storage. The September 27 2017 update added the level 7 Gold Storage. The March 5 2018 update added the level 8 Gold Storage. The June 18 2019 update added the level 9 Gold Storage.

How tall does the storage get in Clash of clans?

At level 8, the Storage grows taller once again, the armor plating on the corners receives metal spikes and the steel band moves slightly upwards. At level 9, the Storage grows in height again, receiving a second steel reinforcing band above the metal base.