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What is an ethical objective?

What is an ethical objective?

Ethics are the moral principles and values that underpin human behaviour. Morals are concerned with what is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. Setting ethical objectives is the process by which organisations apply ethical values to their targets and the actions by which they will achieve them.

What are personal goals and objectives?

Personal objectives are actionable statements for individual growth. Many personal objectives involve character traits or behaviors. These objectives are used for business and personal development with the goal of improving yourself to benefit you and others.

What are the national objectives?

The aims, derived from national goals and interests, toward which a national policy or strategy is directed and efforts and resources of the nation are applied. See also military objective. Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms.

What are the goals of needs?

NEEDS was different from other economic policies that was in place before its launching in many positive ways. It seeks to facilitate the achievement of national goals like: generation of employment, creation of wealth, reduction of poverty and re-orientation of values.

What is the main objective of education?

National goals for education focus on the individual child’s development and his/her relationship to society. The aim is to bring out the genius inherent in every individual and to provide an environment that facilitates personality development.