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What episode does Rin Matsuoka appear?

What episode does Rin Matsuoka appear?

‘Free!’ Profile: Rin Matsuoka

Rin Matsuoka
Anime Episode 1
Light Novel Chapter 1
Voice Actors

Is Haru in love with Rin?

Haru is visibly devastated by the breakup (though we would argue this is no excuse for wrecking a classroom). Rin, on the other hand, claims she never loved him. It’s not until Season 2 that we are entirely sure that Rin did love Haru.

Does Haru and Rin swim together?

After Haru decides to swim in the relay, Rin announces his plan to attend a swim school in Australia but says he will stay until after the relay. Haru is angry about this, having become friends with Rin and agreeing to finally swim with him, but says nothing.

What grade is Rin Matsuoka?

Rin Matsuoka (松岡 凛) Rin Matsuoka is Haruka’s rival who is also in 11th grade.

What happens to Rin in free?

Rin, Haruka, Makoto, and Nagisa were in the same swimming club during elementary school. The group won a relay just before Rin left to go to Australia. The trophy was buried in a time capsule at their swim club. He raced Haruka during a visit in the winter of the first year of middle school and took a devastating loss.

Do Rin and Haru become friends again?

In the finale, after Haru and Rin heal their rift, Rin rekindles his friendship with the boys, able to laugh with them again. Rin initially does not think highly of Rei when he first sees him swimming a relay with the boys.

Is Makoto in love with Haru?

In the fanmade abridged series, 50% Off, Makoto is shown to be in love with Haru. Haruka prefers to be called Haru in the anime. Makoto and Haruka’s character songs are always released first and on the same day, together.

Why did Rin break up with Haru?

Rin is eventually hospitalized from her injuries. After Haru had visited her a couple of times, she breaks up with him by claiming that she doesn’t need him anymore and that she is “sick” of him.

Does Haru like Yuki?

Ever since this event, Haru has loved Yuki and calls Yuki as his first love. Haru also mentions to Tohru that unlike any other person, Yuki is special to him. He mentions that he would still always love Yuki; much to Rin’s jealousy and Yuki’s dismay.

How old is Rin in free?


Rin Matsuoka
Age 17
Birthday February 2nd
School Samezuka Academy
School Year 2nd Year

Does Makoto and Haru kiss?

That Makoto-Haruka ‘KISS’ in the Free! Eternal Summer Drama CD!

What kind of character is Rin Matsuoka?

At times, Rin displays a softer side, showing concern for his friends’ well-being and acting as a mentor towards Gou Matsuoka (Rin’s younger sister) and Aiichiro Nitori (Rin’s teammate) .

How did Rin Matsuoka meet Natsuya Kirishima?

He meets and gets to know Natsuya Kirishima, who informs him that he should watch out not only for Haruka, but also his brother Ikuya Kirishima, as rivals for swimming glory. Rin returns to Japan to participate in the All-Japan Invitational, a competition that determines who will move on to compete on the global level.

How did Rin Matsuoka become an Olympic swimmer?

Rin wants to create a winning relay in order to emulate his father as he starts down the path to becoming an Olympic swimmer. In elementary school, Rin is in the same community swimming team with Haruka, Makoto Tachibana and Nagisa Hazuki and is instrumental in motivating the group to swim a relay.