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What do you put in the functional area of a resume?

What do you put in the functional area of a resume?

Key TakeawaysA functional resume focuses on your skills and experience rather than on your chronological work history.It may be a good fit for those with employment gaps or who are changing careers.On a functional resume, list your skills and specific examples of how you used those skills.

How many spaces should a resume have?

The entire resume should be in a single-spaced format. Include a blank space between sections for easy readability. If you have space to spare on your resume you may also consider placing one space or half a space between section headings and content.

What is the best line spacing?

Line spacing is commonly measured as a percentage of font size. Conventional wisdom is that line spacing of 130%-150% is ideal for readability. In fact, anything from about 120% up to 200% is acceptable, but 140% tends to be the most quoted sweet spot.

Which two of the following are hard skills?

Hard Skills Examples ListTechnical skills.Computer skills.Microsoft Office skills.Analytical skills.Marketing skills.Presentation skills.Management skills.Project management skills.