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Is the Honda NX 400 Falcon sold in Brazil?

Is the Honda NX 400 Falcon sold in Brazil?

Honda Chile still sells them. Yes, the tires are tubed. You can have spoked wheels that take tubless tires, but the tend to only come on the largest of adv touring bikes. Both are right. Honda doesn’t sell new Falcons in Brazil, but they still produce this bike for export.

Why did my Honda NX 400 Falcon engine stop working?

I ceased the engine in Paraguay (hadn’t checked the oil level and had been losing oil due to hot/dry weather). Luckely we were only 120 kms from Brasilian border and original parts arrived on next day delivery. 7 days and £600 later I had a new engine which never worked as well as the original. I would recomend that bike for sure.

What kind of engine does a Honda NX 4 have?

HONDA NX-4 FALCON 2001 – Present. Built in 2001, the Falcon has an air cooled, single cylinder engine with a capacity of 397cc developing 30.6 horsepower at 6500rpm.

When did Honda stop production of the NX 400i?

In 2008 Honda Brazil stopped production of the NX-4, due to the strict limitations imposed on emissions in Brazil. It was replaced by the Honda XRE 300. In 2012 production was resumed, and the model was named the Honda NX-400i Falcon, which came with an electronic fuel injection system, which complied with the imposed emissions limits.

When did Honda stop selling the Honda Falcon?

Honda relaunched the old Falcon in Brazil. After stopping selling it in Brazil in 2009, they are now going to sell it again. The only real changes appears to be the plastics around the fuel tank and a different muffler. Now the bike have fuel injection and meets the Euro 3 emissions standards.

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