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How old is Beverly Bivens?

How old is Beverly Bivens?

75 years (April 28, 1946)
Beverly Bivens/Age

What happened to the singing group We Five?

After completing their second album, Make Someone Happy, later in 1966, lead singer Beverly Bivens decided to leave the group. Neither album came close to the success of the earlier Bivens material. In 1970, Stewart, Jones and Fullerton all quit We Five, breaking up the original band.

Who recorded You were on my mind?

We Five
You Were On My Mind/Artists

Who was the girl singer in the We Five?

Bev Bivens
Beverly (Bev) Ann Bivens (born April 28, 1946) is the former lead singer with the American West Coast folk rock group We Five from 1965 to 1967….Beverly Bivens.

Bev Bivens
Occupation(s) Singer
Years active Mid-1960s
Labels A&M
Associated acts The Ridgerunners; We Five; Light Sound Dimension; Joshi Marshall

Is it in my mind or on my mind?

When something or someone is on your mind, it means that you think and worry about this thing or person a lot. When you have something or someone in your mind, you just think of this thing or person without the worrying connotation.

Who wrote always on my mind?

Wayne Carson
Johnny ChristopherMark James
Always on My Mind/Composers

When did we five record you were on my mind?

You Were on My Mind

“You Were On My Mind”
Single by We Five
Released 1965
Recorded 1965
Genre Pop rock

What does in the back of my mind mean?

Definition of at/in the back of one’s mind : in the part of one’s mind where thoughts and memories are kept but that are not usually thought about or not perfectly remembered Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew I’d met him before.

What does it mean when someone says you have been on my mind?

occupying one’s thoughts; currently being thought about. You’ve been on my mind all day. Do you have something on your mind? You look so serious. See also: mind, on.

Did Elvis write any songs?

Elvis Presley had many hit songs throughout his career. But the King of Rock ‘n Roll never actually wrote any of his own music. It turns out Presley’s contributions to some of his tunes may have been greatly exaggerated.

Who sang with Willie Nelson on Always On My Mind?

Willie Nelson
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Who Wrote You are always on my mind?