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How do I print a watermark?

How do I print a watermark?

To print a watermark:Open the file to be printed with the watermark, and then select Print.Select the required printer, and then click on Printer Properties to open the print driver window.Click on the Document Options tab.Click on the Watermark tab.From the Watermark menu, select the watermark.

How should I print my resume?

When you do need to present your resume in a hard-copy format, choose a good quality stationary paper (20 lb stock at least), make sure the watermark is right side up and forward facing, and print each page of your resume on its own sheet of paper. When you print your resume, you control the appearance.

Is it okay to print a resume on cardstock?

Print a resume on card-stock or brightly colored paper to stand out. The ‘stand-out’ will result in the opinion you are not professional, and it may be more difficult to scan.

What is the best paper for a resume?

Best Overall: Southworth Parchment Specialty Paper. Best Wove Finish: Southworth Cotton Resume Paper, Wove Finish. Best Linen Texture: Southworth 100% Cotton Résumé Paper. Best Budget: HP Printer Paper Premium24. Best Set: 28 lb Cream Linen Resume Paper & Envelopes – 40 Sets.