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How do I open a closed branch in mercurial?

How do I open a closed branch in mercurial?

You can reopen a branch by using the “-f” flag when ‘creating’ the branch. No, this command will create a new branch with the same name. Just forget that it’s closed. Switch to the branch, make the changes and commit.

How do I delete a branch in Mercurial?

You cannot. You can close the branch to hide it from the list of active branches, but you cannot completely delete it. This happens because in mercurial and in git the “branch” term means different things. In mercurial – it is a set of changesets.

How do I become a branch in Mercurial?

If you want to create a Mercurial branch, the best way to do it is locally.

  1. Create a new feature branch in the repository. $ hg branch
  2. Edit files, add files, and commit in the working copy. $ hg add.
  3. Push the feature branch to Bitbucket. $ hg push —

How can I change branch in mercurial?

Switching to another named branch or bookmark

  1. In the Branches list, click the name of the branch or bookmark to update to, then choose Update to from the list:
  2. Choose VCS | Mercurial | Update to on the main menu or Mercurial | Update to from the context menu of the Editor.

How do you open a closed pull request?


  1. Write down the current commit hash of your PR-branch git log –oneline -1
  2. Write down the latest commit hash on github before the PR has been closed.
  3. git push -f origin :
  4. Reopen the PR.
  5. git push -f origin :

What is the difference between Mercurial and Git?

The biggest difference between Mercurial vs. Git is the branching structure. It can be argued that branching is better in Git than in Mercurial. Even though Mercurial may be easier to learn and use, its branching model often creates confusion.

What is hg status?

hg status shows the status of a repository. Files are stored in a project’s working directory (which users see), and the local repository (where committed snapshots are permanently recorded). hg add tells Mercurial to track files. hg commit creates a snapshot of the changes to 1 or more files in the local repository.

What is hg command?

The hg command provides a command line interface to the Mercurial system.

How do you use hg clone?

To do this, we use the clone command. This makes a clone of a repository; it makes a complete copy of another repository so that we will have our own local, private one to work in. These files are exact copies of the files from the tip revision of the default branch in the repository we just cloned.

Can I reopen a closed PR?

6 Answers. The answer seems to be: You can’t. Once a pull request is merged and closed, it is locked forever and cannot be reopened.

How do I reopen a git issue?

You can ask in the issue thread if a repo collaborator can reopen it, or you can open a new issue and reference the old one (by mentioning its number preceded by a hash sign, e.g. #123 ).

What is the difference between capricious and mercurial?

As adjectives the difference between capricious and mercurial. is that capricious is impulsive and unpredictable; determined by chance, impulse, or whim while mercurial is (often capitalized, see (mercurial)) pertaining to the planet mercury.

When do you close a branch in mercurial?

According to Mercurial workflows, when you are done with a feature development and do not expect any further changes, you close the corresponding branch. A closed branch is not displayed among active branches, in the Log view, and so on. To close a branch, do the following: In the Branches popup, click Close branch.

Which is an example of branching in mercurial?

The idea is that you clone one branch down from the server, then pull allthe branches into it, then clone locally to split that repository back into branches. This avoids the cost of cloning down the same changesets over and over. An example of this method with three branches would look something like this:

How to move bookmarks from one branch to another in mercurial?

Now you’ve got two bookmarks (essentially a tag) for your two branches at the current changeset. To switch to one of these branches you can use hg update featureto update to the tip changeset of that branch and mark yourself as working on that branch. When you commit, it will move the bookmark to the newly created changeset.

Is it safe to clone a branch in mercurial?

Cloning is a very safe way of creating a branch. The two repositories are completely isolated until you push or pull, so there’s no danger of breaking anything in one branch when you’re working in another. Discarding a branch you don’t want any more is veryeasy with cloned branches.