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Can you upload a resume to the Common App?

Can you upload a resume to the Common App?

The resumes can be easily uploaded to a Common Application under the Additional Information section. Make sure your school counselor has a copy of your resume and in some cases teachers who are writing your recommendations may ask for one.

How do I complete the Coalition application?

How to Fill out the Coalition ApplicationFill out your basic biographical information in your profile.Request official documents through the application.Add in your extracurricular activities to your profile.With a 100% complete profile, tackle school-specific application parts.Attach your school-specific essays.

How can I make my resume extracurricular?

One way to work your extracurricular activities into your resume is by listing them in the education section. You should use this method if you have certifications or awards from your extracurricular activity that are relevant to the role you are applying to.

What is a resume of activities?

The goal of an activities resume is to highlight your strengths and inform colleges about your accomplishments and special talents. This is your opportunity to showcase your talents so USE IT! Getting Started To begin, make a list of all of your activities.